Night out at YoYo

I honestly wasn’t originally going to post about this night but I was telling C about my night and she found this pretty hilarious and a good story to share so I’m going to write about what happened. Also it’ll be a good story to read about when I’m older ha ha.

On a Saturday night I went to Yoyo with some friends and we managed to get a table to sit and drink, which was good because all I wanted to do was to sit and drink and not meet anyone new or talk to anyone I didn’t know. I honestly hadn’t cause up with my friend in a while and I wanted to catch up with her so that’s why.

Throughout the night there were a couple of guys that had hit on me but there was one guy in particular that was pretty persistent. Anyway, this guy came up to me while I was sitting at the table with my friends and he sat down next to me, much to my dismay. (Remember, all I wanted to do that night was talk to my cousin and drink, not meet anyone new.)

Call me a bitch but when he sat down I rejected him straight away. I told him that seat was taken to avoid talking to him but he didn’t realise I wasnt interested and instead he goes, “oh but c’mon I just want to have a chat” so obviously I let him take the seat and let him talk. When we did it honestly felt like a god damn interrogation, but that was because I didn’t ask him the question back as in I wasn’t like “how about you?”. After a while he got bored and left, and I must add in here that I gave him a fake phone number when he asked for my number. I told K this and I swear she subtly implied that I made a bitchy move. Eh.

Anyway not long after he left he came back and wanted to talk some more so naturally I let him even though I couldn’t be bothered/didn’t have the energy to converse. He asks me what I want to talk about but I couldn’t think up of a topic so I pointed out the fact he’s the one who wanted to talk and therefore he should be the one leading the conversation. He goes, “good point, what do you like to do in your spare time?”

I was literally like “stuff” and he probably thought I was some bitchy-ass bimbo. After that the conversation died for a bit and he turned his head away from me then turned back to me and he smiled. And then that was the funny thing that happened. The moment of the story that C found so funny she continued to make jokes about this moment for the rest of the night.

He drooled.

Yes he smiled at me and then drooled. After that he let out a laugh which came off somehow quite creepy but at the same time made me laugh my ass off.

After that he walked off and didn’t speak to me for the rest of the night.


Wicked: The Musical

Last night I went out and saw Wicked: The Musical. I went with my good friend, G, and we met up with her at Glenny station and had an early dinner chow down before hopping onto the train to head off to the city. We met up pretty early and therefore got there quite early (even though a bunch of trains were cancelled for some unknown reason), and early means, about two hours or so before the show was due to start. We bumped into A on the train and trained with her until she had to hop off at MC, then G and I ended up getting off at Southern Cross and decided to go down to Docklands and watch the Winter Fireworks, since it was a free viewing and a way of killing time.

When we got there it the sun was about a set and not a whole lot of people were there yet, so we got a good view – as in we were in the first line of viewing. I ended up taking a panorama since it was really pretty. The iPhone never does sceneries justice unfortunately.


It wasn’t until about 7PM when the fireworks started, so we were chilling at Docklands for about a good half an hour before the fireworks show started. It went for about 10 minutes so I took a crap load of photos, but here are some nice ones I got during the event.




After that we took a tram down to Collins Street to get to the Regent Theatre. I swear if I ever shop at Collins Street since it’s all the top designer brands on that street, I’ll actually feel so proud of myself lol. Anyway, when we arrived at Regent Theatre everyone was entering in already so it was perfect timing. I decided to buy a merch shirt since I want to make it a thing when I go to concerts/musicals etc. – like I have to buy a souvenir from there no matter what. I ended up purchasing the black shirt with the well-known Wicked photo on the front of promotional posters with the two main characters. Anyway we got seated and this was what the stage looked like.


The show soon started and safe to say I was amazed at the entire performance. I absolutely loved the musical. Seeing it live in comparison to watching it on YouTube or just listening to the soundtrack alone was just so different and so much better. Spending money on experiences than clothes that night was certainly the right choice, because by the end of the night I was giving them a standing ovation. So yes, safe to say I loved the musical. I kinda honestly didn’t want it to end either.


How To Trick Others into Believing You Take Taekwondo Class When You Actually Don’t

For about a good Semester I managed to trick my co-workers into believing I took Taekwondo for defence and fitness purposes, only because I was sick and tired of telling people how clumsy I am of bumping into objects and sporting bruises afterwards. Therefore, one day when my co-worker asked me where this giant bruise on my leg came from, I simply told him it was from when my friend kicked me during Taekwondo class.

Now this is where it got tricky and where I had to think on my feet as it was only then I had decided to go along with this false tale, as inevitably there were going to be follow up questions. Those were such as,

“Oh cool, what belt are you?”

To be honest, I was going to say white belt since it was the first level but I thought I’d better not say that since I knew nothing about belt colours except black belt is the impressive one. Instead, I told him that it was a class for self-defence and didn’t focus on belts since it was an extra curricular activity that I did for fun and fitness.

His next question was, “How long have you been doing Taekwondo?” I told him I’d started taking Taekwondo since the semester had started and it’ll end when the semester finished, since I had only paid for a semesters worth of class.

Over then next month or so, it then escalated to, “Show me a move you learned from Taekwondo” or “Fight me after our shift ends in the car park”. And my response to both of them were simple responses that were genuine. You see, I’m forced to wear a skirt to work so my excuse every time would be, “Firstly, you would lose against me and you’ll cry once, and secondly, I’m wearing a skirt.”

And that is how I tricked people into believing that I take Taekwondo class when I actually don’t.

I think I might just be that bored at work lol

I Had an Anxiety Attack

Or at least I think I did.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a serious anxiety attack in my life until a couple of days ago – well, not to an extreme¬†extent as it wasn’t as high up on anxiety scale as I’ve heard other people have it worse than how I experienced it.

I was at work when it happened and luckily the lady who was working with me in the same area helped me out by telling me to sit down and take deep breaths when I told her I was having one. I ended up described to her what I was feeling at that time. I was experiencing heart palpitations, my hands were getting shaky and sweaty, slightly light headed, and I was also having a small freak out because I was having a panic attack in a public place and at was at work!

But after a few good minutes of taking deep breaths and helping customers to get my mind off my anxiety attack, I felt a lot better. I had to keep on taking deep breaths for the next five to ten minutes or so until I could feel my heart beat at a normal rate.

I actually typed in the symptoms I experienced into google and it said that I probably have a heart disease, so if I die sooner than expected I guess you’ll know why.

Anyway I’ve always felt like I’ve had some kind of anxiety – whether it’d be a little or a lot – when growing up but I’ve always managed to hide it in public or conquer it until I couldn’t feel the agonising anxiety in me by saying ‘yes’ and going out with my friends and meeting new people, and usually that tactic for me is pretty successful. Either way I’ve always been pretty good hiding any kind of anxiety I’ve experienced in the past. I think everyday I experience some level of anxiety but I guess everyone does. There’s always something to be anxious about, catching the train on time to meeting new people or going on a date.

So I guess if you ever see me having an anxiety attack in public just tell me to take deep breaths and sit down, but don’t worry, you probably won’t since I’m usually pretty good hiding my anxiety.

But I’ll be honest, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell so really, you’ll never know when I’m having one.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Movie Review

When I first went and saw this movie, I didn’t let myself have any good expectations of the movie since X3 was a shocking movie, and First Class wasn’t actually too bad to watch. Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that this movie fixed up the entire X-Men series and therefore, has improved in time with every movie that’s made for this series.

At the beginning, the movie introduces Kitty Pryde with another set of powers that we haven’t seen in previous X-Men movies. I believe she can still walk through walls but now she can send people’s consciousness back into the past or something like that (correct me if I’m wrong but it’s been several weeks since I’ve watched it). The movie doesn’t really explain how she acquired the time travel powers as the movie mainly focuses on Wolverine since he is the one who is sent back to the past.

Quicksilver was quite a fun character to watch and have fun with his powers, as surely the best scene he had with his powers in the movie was when he was moving all the bullets and everything when he, Wolverine and Charles was breaking Magneto out of prison. It’s a shame though he was only kept in the beginning part of the movie as he definitely could have helped out with the X-Men later in the movie.

Anyway, I don’t really want to give too much away on what happens but the movie left me slightly confused with some unanswered questions, yet excited for X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016! Some questions I remember thinking was, What happened to Wolverine in the end? And Mystique? Why did she so willingly give him up to that guy? There were some other questions that I can’t remember now lol. But I guess questions will be asked since any movie that has time travel in it, never really makes any sense.

What I’m pretty much trying to say with this horrible movie review is, I’m looking forward to the next X-Men movie. Hopefully, this series only get’s better with each movie from now on.

Boring Exam Time

It’s been a while since I last blogged lol I really am getting slack with this. Anyway nothing exciting has really been happening in my life, it’s the usual I guess. Oh except the other week when X-Men: DOFP came out I wanted to do a review of the movie, but I guess I’ll do that another day. Anyhow, as it was saying, it’s exam time so I’m trying to study but epically failing and I’ve probably failed my first exam? Oh well it’s am elective anyway so not so fussed about that but I really hope I did as well as I think I did in my second exam since that’s a core subject for my course.

I’m halfway through my exams at the moment and don’t finish until the 18th. Kinda unsure how I’m gonna study for my last exam since it’s one of those weird exams that was pretty much about team work all through the semester.

Lately, during my free time during my study time, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTubers so I guess if this addiction keeps happening (which probably will), I’ll make a top ten favourites list or something and post it here.

Also, I’m doing Winter school this year so no break for me. This makes me cry. Oh well, I should get the subject over and done with anyway right? Haha


Thursday night was when MCCC Ball happened. I went as E’s plus one, so naturally, I ended up going with his friends and stayed at one of his friend’s apartment. Anyway, I got to K’s apartment in Docklands at about 4-ish and then ended up sleeping until 5 because I was that tired lol.

Anyway, when I woke up I decided to get ready since the other two girls were getting ready. I already had half my make up done and my hair done so I finished off my make up, fixed up my curls and had to iron my dress since it was really creased at the sheer part haha. Also, when I was getting ready, E had to go out and meet a friend to pick up a corsage since I asked for one the night before, and didn’t realise that I actually wanted one ages ago since he didn’t think I was serious. Going back to the dress, K actually ended up ironing my dress for me since I didn’t know how to use her iron lololol. After she ironed like half of my dress, I decided to take over and ironed the rest myself.

After that, we took some pictures in the apartment, and the lights had come on in the city so it looked amazing from K’s apartment. I even took a photo lol. After that, we all took shots of whisky lol.

Once we were all finally ready, we walked down to Crown Palladium and we were all ready to have fun and get our $140 worth haha. Here are some pictures from the night, and I must say, I pride myself on being able to down 5 champagne sunrises for the whole entire night. I was pretty drunk by the end of it, let’s say, head spinning and everything haha.


Melbourne, you’re a babe



Anyway, when we got back to the apartment, we decided to play Kings. Actually not all of us, only E and J did, while D poured the shots and kept feeding people red bull. Haha, anyway, it was time to go the after party so after changing and putting on a pair of flats, we headed back down to crown.

The after party was held at Fusion which was so much fun yet so tiring and too much dancing. We got there at 12, I got really tired at like 1.45 ish. Hahaha. Oh yeah and when I was getting my ID checked before I went into the club, the bouncer was like “How much have you had to drink?” and I told him “Not much. I slept before I came here” LOLOLOL. What lies. He let me through so that was pretty good haha. Here’s come photos from the night. Didn’t take that many actually.



After that we walked back home and picked up some food on the way back to K’s and then slept to end our fun and memorable night.