Massive Summer Haul

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these hauls actually so I thought I might do a massive haul with all the things I’ve purchased over the Summer, well most things actually. Not all otherwise this post might be longer than it already is…

So first kicking my haul off is this stripy black and white tee from Edge. The shopkeeper chick was like, “I have this shirt at home and I love it!” when she got the item down from the rack for me. And I was like really awkward and nodded my head before running off to the change room lol. Whoopsies, sorry shop assistant, I know you were only trying to be nice!


Stripe Boyfriend Tee
Was $39.95,
Now $27.95

The next item is this top from Forever New. I swear every time I go in these during this summer they’ve always had something that’s like a hydrangea blue, which I find really nice. Anyway, went inside the store since their sale sign was up and spotted this tank top from the sales rack. The top is pretty simple actually, just one shade and has some holes in the “sleeve” part and that’s it. But the material is really lovely.


Shannon cutwork dipped hem tank
Was $59.95
Now $34.95

The next time are these boots from Windsor Smith. Now I’ve gonna be honest, this might give you a heart attack with the amount I spent on these boots, but I just love them so much and couldn’t stop thinking about them if I were to be frank, haha. Anyway, they’re these plain leather boots, with a chunky sole. It’s very casual looking actually, with no zips or laces so you just slip them right onto your feet and I just love them. I was actually thinking about these shoes for a good week before waking up one morning and heading down to Chadstone to purchase these boots, and I can see myself wearing these babies during the cooler months to uni and pretty much everywhere lol.



Next are these items from Valleygirl. The beige top was like a “yolo” purchase kinda thing since I wasn’t too sure on purchasing the top. But I guess the only thing that actually made me buy the top in the first place was because I wanted the shirt wasn’t a sheer material and I was like okay why not, it’s less than $10 anyway! And the tights were a kind of necessity since I threw out worn out and tacky looking tights before Chinese New Year, and needed some more since I was down to a pair of tights.


Beige Woven Shirt
Was $14.95
Now $9.95Tights

These next two items are sweaters for the Winter. I’m honestly surprised that stores have already started selling Winter clothing considering there’s still Autumn go to through and Summer isn’t exactly over yet. Anyway, the white sweater is from an online store called Runway Bandits and it’s pretty snuggly.

The grey knit is from Dotti and they were having like a 30% off sale on their website, so I ordered it. It’s pretty cool actually, it has zips on the side from the bottom of the knit and continues for like a couple of inches.


White Cable Knit Jumper
$24.12Grey Knit Jumper
Was $59.95
Now $41.95 

These next two tops are my tanks. The darker gray tank top is from Sportsgirl and was those sale on sale items so it was a win for me, and I actually don’t remember the original RRP for the tank is. I’m not too sure about the studded parts of the top of the tank but I guess it I don’t like it I can cover it with my hair lol.

The light grey tank from Dotti was another sale item and thought eh, why not. Fits alright, and I kinda do need some tanks since I have practically close to zip in my wardrobe.


Phoenix Stud Crop Tank
Was $29.95
Now $20.96Dotti Gray Tank
Was $29.95
Now $9.95 

The next item are these pair of flats I purchased from Myer. I went to the sale section on the shoe rack and managed to find these really pretty and plain beige coloured flats. This was a sale on sale item so it was a pretty good bargain for me, especially since it was from Myer, plus these flats are really pretty and cheap.


Beige Flats
Was $29.00
Now $13.00

This next item I’m actually a little embarrass to own only because where it’s from, which is Supré. I’m not too fond of the store since I’ve never exactly liked their clothing, but when I saw this on the model I really liked the jumper. So I tried it on and even though the material is average and probably isn’t going to last me as long as I would prefer it to, I purchased it anyway. I usually try to not buy tops with big giant logos since it makes me look a lot younger than I already am but what the hey, I’ve been following clothes encounters for a while and I’ve grown to like the gigantic print she wears on her tops at times.


Crop Jumper

Last but not least is jewellery. The necklace from Colette was a spontaneous purchase actually. I don’t exactly buy big chunky jewellery but it was pretty and blue so I bought it haha.

The necklace from Temt I purchased because my other gold thick necklace broke so I thought, this one here is very simpler and good enough, since I loved the necklace that broke heaps and never really got over it when it broke.


Indiana Jewel
Gold Necklace

So that’s pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed the haul 🙂


2013 Outfits

Throughout the year I’ve obviously complied outfits that I’ve received compliments on when I’ve gone out. Usually I just take a selfie of my outfit and post it on Instagram but then I thought, why not put it on here where I can talk about my outfits more since I do have an interest in fashion no matter how big or small or good or bad my fashion is lol. Anyway there’s about four that I want to share.

So first outfit is:


I wore this at a causal outfit with my friends and it’s a one piece. I used to be so unsure of one piece clothing so when I ordered this online for only $15 I thought why not! It has a very light material so it’s excellent to wear on warm days/nights. The only problem is the top area because of my lacking chest but the one piece does have adjustable straps so that helps. It’s annoying when you need to go to the toilet though.

The second outfit I want to share is:


Here I went with a black and white theme. The top is from Urban Outfitters and the skirt which is an asymmetrical skirt is from the Lucy in the Sky store. I actually got a birthday voucher from that website and I decided to spend it on the skirt since I’ve never purchased anything from there before lol. Anyway I really like this outfit.

The third outfit is:


This whole outfit is from the online store, Misguided, except for the flower crown which is from Lovisa. The white cropped shirt was actually on sale so I got it for like $10 I think, and the skirt was like $45 LOOL. Anyway, really like the skirt and outfit, cause it’s pretty and reminds me of a kimono haha.


I wore this outfit to the movies and I got loads of compliments on my skirt from the people I went with. The skirt is from Runway Bandits, and it’s made of pleather. As soon as I saw this online, I had to buy it. Absolutely adorable.

August Haul

I thought I’d end this month’s post with a haul post for August! Now that I have independent pocket money, I don’t have to ask for money from my parents, which is simply amazing! Anyway kinda poor now so not gonna spend for a while after buying so many tickets and stuff, omg! So here are some stuff I purchased this month, I would put everything in but I can’t be bothered taking pictures of everything I bought!



Tops – Dotti, 2 for $20.00


Earrings – Lovisa, 2 for $10.00


Jeans – JayJays, $25.00 each when you buy two or more

Adidas Clearance Sale

Tops – $10.00

Shorts/Pants – $10.00

Shoes – $50.00

After that clearance sale, I got really poor but I’m telling you it was soo worth it haha! 🙂

Anyway, I also bought clothes from Valleygirl and Cotton On, woo! Hahah

Winter Shopping Trips

Since my break has started, I’ve been on two proper shopping trips. The first one was about two weeks ago at Knox with Meg and Calene. Meg and I ended up buying about handful of stuff, which Meg deemed as a “successful shopping trip”. I don’t disagree with her hahaha.

Anyway, here are the items I purchased on the trip! (Sorry for the crappy quality)

BootsFamous Footwear, $19.99


Navy Cardigan – Valleygirl, $19.95

Gray Jeans – Tempt, $19.99


Earrings Lovisa, $5.00

The second shopping trip happened yesterday with Vivien and Grace and it wasn’t as “successful” as the first trip. We met up at Glenny and went to Ally’s Fashion store together since we wanted to check out the new store in the shopping centre and bought nothing even though we talked it up and everything lol :(. After that we went to Knox together.

In the end, I purchased two items and received two souvenirs from Vivien. Vivien purchased the most items out of us.

JeansFactorie, $39.95

I actually thought the colour of the jeans, which is Atlantis Blue, would be a lot brighter as shown on the website but I guess this faded colour looks alright too, and it was the only ‘Atlantis Blue’ they had in the store anyway. See for yourself!

No idea why they changed the colour of the jeans. How sneaky of them :(.

Jumper – Cotton On, $10.00

Being at Knox which had Forever New, three of us went to the store and picked out two formal dresses to try on for fun, which Vivien and I pretty much do each time we go out and pass by a Forever New store haha.