X-Men: Days of Future Past Movie Review

When I first went and saw this movie, I didn’t let myself have any good expectations of the movie since X3 was a shocking movie, and First Class wasn’t actually too bad to watch. Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that this movie fixed up the entire X-Men series and therefore, has improved in time with every movie that’s made for this series.

At the beginning, the movie introduces Kitty Pryde with another set of powers that we haven’t seen in previous X-Men movies. I believe she can still walk through walls but now she can send people’s consciousness back into the past or something like that (correct me if I’m wrong but it’s been several weeks since I’ve watched it). The movie doesn’t really explain how she acquired the time travel powers as the movie mainly focuses on Wolverine since he is the one who is sent back to the past.

Quicksilver was quite a fun character to watch and have fun with his powers, as surely the best scene he had with his powers in the movie was when he was moving all the bullets and everything when he, Wolverine and Charles was breaking Magneto out of prison. It’s a shame though he was only kept in the beginning part of the movie as he definitely could have helped out with the X-Men later in the movie.

Anyway, I don’t really want to give too much away on what happens but the movie left me slightly confused with some unanswered questions, yet excited for X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016! Some questions I remember thinking was, What happened to Wolverine in the end? And Mystique? Why did she so willingly give him up to that guy? There were some other questions that I can’t remember now lol. But I guess questions will be asked since any movie that has time travel in it, never really makes any sense.

What I’m pretty much trying to say with this horrible movie review is, I’m looking forward to the next X-Men movie. Hopefully, this series only get’s better with each movie from now on.


Man of Steel Movie Review

In the past couple of days or so I’ve been going down to the cinemas to watch some movies I was unable to see last month due to the long and tedious exam period. It’s been pretty exciting seeing movies after a long wait, and now I’ll do my review of the movies. However, I’m thinking I’ll stick to one movie for a post since I have quite a number of things to say about each of them. To begin with, I’m going to go with Man of Steel. The new Superman movie, as you’ve all heard. Big blockbuster movie, and it’s all been hyped up.

The movie is produced by Christopher Nolan, and being a fan of quite a number of movies he has directed previously, such as, the Batman Trilogy, Inception and The Prestige, I was actually quite interested in watching this movie, plus, it’s a superhero movie so I’ve definitely got to go and see it.

The movie was fast paced in my opinion as a lot of events occurred within the two and half hours. However, there were lots of action scenes, which were very impressive but a lot of destruction so sometimes it got a little too confusing who were throwing the punches. Anyway, as I was saying, there were a few things I did not like that happened in the movie. The first one, is when reporter, Lois Lane discovers Clark’s alien identity, while she was snooping around in an abandoned spaceship from Krypton, that was lodged into an Arctic iceberg. That means, twenty minutes into the movie, Clark’s secret identity is already out.

Also, the first time Superman flew was a definite let down for me. I was expecting a lot more from that scene. A lot more should have been put into that scene was it’s quite an important power for Superman to have. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but it was missing that “epic” feeling when I saw it, and also cause it was hyped up in the trailers.

Then when that shenanigans is over and done with, super villain, General Zod decides to send an apocolyptic message to the world with an alien army and declares war to the world, which destroys the idea of Clark’s identity crisis to play out or any of the characters to properly develop, and the stakes have become high. I feel like I only know Lois Lane because of the TV Show, Smallville. Ha, only joking, the Lois Lane in Man of Steel is much older and very differently portrayed compared to Smallville.

Anyway, Lois Lane was portrayed by Amy Adams, who I did not find photogenic enough to reach the standards of Lois Lane, plus it kind of felt like at some points of the movie, Lois Lane was only using Superman for her journalism career. Also the chemistry between them was very rushed. She meets him, he saves her – like all the time, then he saves the world, and they kiss, and when she was looking for Superman, it felt like Superman gave up his identity to her too easily.

Also, while General Zod and Superman are fighting all over the city, as you’d expect, buildings come crashing down and everything and there was this one character that pissed me off. So when a building is falling, a normal human’s instinct would be to run for their lives away from the falling building that is about to crush you. This moronically challenged character, stands there and watches the fucking building fall onto her. It’s only thanks to her boss who saves her and tells her to run away from the building. You’d think an average human being would do that in the first place in that kind of situation. Then after, when they’ve ran and the building has fallen, she gets trapped in the wreckage and as any human being, of course, naturally s/he would be scared. But, I don’t know, the way she acted it really got under my skin and she was just screaming and begging that her boss wouldn’t leave her alone and OMG JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND WATCH SUPERMAN KICK SOME SEROUS BUTT! ASDHDFKLJGFK! Probably not exactly a nice thing to say but whatever, she’s annoying.

Speaking of General Zod, I thought the actor who played him, Michael Shannon should have dialled down on the whole “diabolical-desire-for-world-destruction”, which made him seem very typical American bad guy. It just felt like towards the end he was over-acting and he looked so artificial and all CGI-ized throughout the movie, which I didn’t like. His whole over-acting and typical American bad guy portray didn’t seem like he was the rebel leader of an extinct superior race.

Highlights of the movie were the flashbacks to when Superman was a kid and he was experiencing his powers for the first time. I found that quite enjoyable to sit through as I am a fan of flashbacks, and the ending. I’ve heard the ending in some of the previous Superman movies, Superman himself has died, but in Man of Steel he lives on, and there is definitely room for a sequel.

I give this movie a 3.5/5, and I wouldn’t mind watching it again, despite the flaws of the movie as I found the movie quite intense. I would suggest this movie for you to watch as it’s a must see blockbuster movie.

Goodbye, 2012!

As I’m sure you’re aware, 2012 is coming to end, and I must say I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. When I think of it, I’ve realised the accomplishments I’ve done this year, which isn’t a lot (sad to say), but they’re big things that hasn’t exactly sunk in yet. I still can’t believe I’m in uni, and I’ve already completed a year of it, and that I have a job! I literally think I should still be in high school. Also, I’m nineteen, that’s the last year of me being a teen, and thinking that I’ll be twenty next year scares me. Not to mention that but I’m completely worried what will pop by in 2013, but at the same time, I’m looking forward to it as I already have plans for a couple dates throughout the year!

I’m not exactly sure how I’ll be ending 2012, but fireworks is definitely in the picture. Anyway, we’ll see how things turn out, but for now, I hope you had a merry christmas and have a happy new year!

Alice: Madness Returns Game Review

I managed to play about half of the game before it decided to freeze, screw up on my computer and overall, stop working, as I bought a dodgy version of the game overseas. However, I think playing half the game already gives a good enough insight to review it (but maybe not the best) so sorry if you find my review rather lacking. By the way, this game can also be played on PS3 and X-Box.

You’re probably thinking Alice: Madness Returns is based on Alice in Wonderland. But it actually doesn’t follow the well-known storyline of the book or any of the movies, which made it more awesome.

Anyway, Alice is an RPG, platform game, mainly set in the main character’s mind, which turns out to be a dark, bloody and surprisingly rational. The Wonderland, which is Alice Liddell’s mind, has been mangled into a dark and demonic travesty, filled with torturous hallucinations. But you discover that the real world isn’t any sunnier. This is definitely creative and the creepy visuals give the game a twisted and surreal vibe, drawing you into a land inhabited by angry looking, crawling teapots, squirming leeches and so on. You actually play as Alice, who is losing her mind after a fire, and you go in and out of Wonderland, trying to fix the broken world that she’s created in her mind.

It’s a continuation from another game called, American McGee’s Alice, which I have never played before, but if you start from Alice, instead of McGee’s you’ll catch on with the storyline pretty quickly.

Being a girl, I really loved the outfits that Alice wore for each chapter. They were all really different to each other and were based on the surroundings, and I found them creative.

(Alice’s Outfits)

London Dress (first from the left): The outfit that Alice wears in the real word. It’s dreary and colourless, but it definitely suits the surroundings – nothing special, but it’s not like you expect it to be fancy or anything when you discover her backstory.

Classic Dress: The renowned blue dress with the white apron, except the game designers have added black and white stripy socks, boots and some blood on her apron. It actually looks pretty badass when you add the vorpal blade in her hand, as seen on the cover of the game.

Steamdress: It’s inspired by the Mad Hatter’s love of all things mechanical and steamy, as in that chapter, Alice goes into his domain to put him back together as favour.

Siren Dress: It’s based on organic materials found at the bottom of the ocean. I actually found this dress really pretty, and it’s probably by favourite outfit that Alice wore, but that could be because it glowed, LOL.

So the following dresses after that, I didn’t get to unlock as that’s when my computer screwed up, but then Google happened.

Silk Maiden Dress: I guess it must be an expensive dress as it’s made of silk.

Royal Suit Dress: Obviously based on the Queen of Hearts

Misstitched Dress: Apparently inspired by a doll

You discover that Alice has a number of abilities that become rather useful later in the game. She can do things such as, quadruple jumping, which ultimately allows Alice to cover more terrain, and it’s useful when platforms are far apart. Also, after a double-jump, Alice can glide in the air for a few seconds which helps in landing at the correct destination, although I didn’t use the glide much as I didn’t come to much use for me. Shrinking is actually an extremely useful power that Alice has. It allows Alice to shrink into a fraction of her size so she can fit through small tunnels since a lot of items are hidden behind a keyhole and such, dodging enemy attacks and revealing invisible paths and directions that helps point Alice in the right direction is also just from shrinking. Alice can also dodge which makes her disappear and leave a trail of butterflies then appear again. There’s also ‘embiggening’ (didn’t get to discover, stupid dodgy version), which makes Alice become gigantic and cause a shitload of damage.

What I also love about the game is that Alice has several different types of weapons and abilities that help her fight the baddies of Wonderland.

Vorpal Blade: The primary melee weapon and really good against a single enemy as it’s very swift in combat.

Pepper Grinder: The primary ranged weapon. It’s like a machine gun, and super useful for long ranged stuff which is definitely needed as you have to season pig snouts and clocks to reveal more paths.

(Alice using a pepper grinder for more than just seasoning her supper)

Hobby Horse: A powerful, heavy-hitting, hammer-like melee weapon, used to inflict great damage. The only bad thing about that is it’s slow, but the combo you can do with this weapon is pretty amazing.

(Hobby Horse in action in The Pit)

Clockwork Bomb: A small ticking rabbit (think white rabbit), that acts as a bomb. It’s pretty good for distracting enemies, especially in the second chapter (I think), and it’s also good for platforming puzzles.

Teapot Cannon: A heavyweight ranged weapon and blasts enemies with balls of hot tea, which aims to inflict greater damage.

Umbrella: Alice also gets hold of an umbrella, which turns out to be a shield – very useful, if used correctly. I admit I had trouble with this when I first used the umbrella, but I managed to figure out that the item is only useful for blocking attacks in the first few seconds it’s whipped out and spinning.

Hysteria: This is only activated when Alice is almost out of health, and she’s just about to die. She enters this black and white Hysteria mode and she becomes crazed with blood running down her eyes and lips. Well, below you can see for yourself. Anyway what’s really great about Hysteria is that Alice can’t be harmed and does a shitload more damage and her weapons don’t run out of ammo. The only catch is that once the enemy is defeated, they won’t drop Teeth, which is required to upgrade weapons, but that didn’t really matter for me as later in the game, you’ll manage to get your hands on more Teeth, so it’s not a massive loss.

(Alice in Hysteria mode)

So what’s also really good about the game is the well-written, solid character that Alice is. She’s witty, sharp-minded and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Furthermore, it comes with a pretty good soundtrack that can get you pretty spooked out if you turn your speakers up loud enough. The storyline manages to entertain and along the way confuse you and it’s loads of fun to play. The lives are unlimited so you’ll just keep on coming back to life, but you’ll just go back to a checkpoint. This was really useful for me because , well, I suck. Also the Cheshire Cat has a voice like Alan Rickman the more you listen to it, LOL, which actually turned out to be my favourite character, but I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a cat…

(Cheshire Cat)

The controlling is practically effortless as it’s super smooth and when you’re attacking an enemy, press tab, and your screen locks on the enemy. However, if it’s multiple enemies that are attacking you then it may not be as useful as it only locks on one enemy, but I guess if you kill the enemy quick enough you can lock your screen onto the next one, which is what I did. Facing multiple enemy types at once is actually really fun once Alice has collected her complete arsenal, because you end up using your entire weapon collection in a single battle, making it more challenging. The graphics are correspondingly outstanding, and turned out to be pretty impressive platform game.

The bad things are the repetitiveness and there was no boss fights at the end of each chapter. I mean there is a baddy to fight at the end of each chapter but they’re not bosses because they appear again later in other chapters.

If you like Alice in Wonderland I recommend this game. For me, I’m a Disney classic lover so when I played it, I enjoyed it a lot, and now I can’t wait to buy a legit version of the game so I can finish playing the game on my computer. The thought of buying the game makes me so excited I can’t even explain it.

Website: http://www.ea.com/alice

Official Trailer:

 Combat Trailer:

Overall Rating: 8.5/10