Weekend Getaway – Day 3

Day three of the Canberra trip started off with going to the Sunday market. I’m not too sure if it was called the Victorian market or something, totally forgot actually, but yeah we entered the place which had everything (it felt like it). They had food stalls and stuff you can buy toys/plants etc from and everything.

We were there to eat since it was roughly noon and we were getting hungry. B suggested to get a table first since the place apparently got really busy and was popular so after we found a table all of us could fit on we decided to go order some food. I ended up ordering a crepe which was actually really massive and filling by the time I was almost finished eating it, swear I had a food baby after. We also got these orange juice drinks which were amazingly really sweet and honestly the best orange juice I’ve ever tasted.

The man that sold the orange juice owned this amazing orange crusher death machine to make the orange juice. I swear I spent like a while staring at it haha. After we wondered around the place we then walked to this glass museum and watched how they made glass and whatnot.

Once we were bored of the glass making we made our way back to the car and B drove us to War Memorial. I swear going into that place is absolutely depressing. I mean people sacrifice their life for your freedom and here I am typing up a blogpost. It felt like it had a sad atmosphere I reckon, and we were there for about 2-3 hours since the place was massive to wonder around.


Interior of War Memorial


Cool floor from the Planes and Ships/Submarines floor


War Memorial


View of Parliament House from War Memorial


The Honor Roll


Windows from War Memorial, so pretty

After a few hours of walking around the War Memorial, B started complaining she was tired and wanted to go back home so we started making our way out of the building and made our way home.

When we got home I think we played a few X-Box games and started also watched some Australian Open. Then it was about 6:30 and B started making dinner for us which was very tasty. Then later at about 9-ish we went on a tour of ANU cause S wanted to, so here’s a picture of the pretty park at night, lol.



Anyway, we then made our way back to the room and ended up finishing the rest of the cider we bought the day before and watched a Breaking Dawn and Mean Girls before heading off to sleep to leave Canberra the next morning.


Weekend Getaway – Day 2

Day two of the Canberra trip started off with Brodburger. We met up with B and S at Karmel Lodge at about 12PM beforehand, and because B’s friend was nice enough to lend his car to her for the summer while she was studying at ANU, she drove us to Brodburger. I totally forgot to take snazzy photo’s of the place to show you what it’s like on the inside, but it has a pretty laid-back environment. The place was also very busy when we arrived there, so I was expecting pretty good things from this place.

The menu reminded me of Grill’d quite a lot, not what was on the menu but the way it was designed (eg. font, spacing etc.). Anyway, I ended up ordering the chicken burger which was pretty tasty and chips for the side which were those string chips. It felt very American because when I received my order, my burger and fries were served in a red tray.


Chicken burger and fries

The meal turned out to be pretty filling, and it was very delicious. To be honest, I actually want to go back to Canberra for the burger! It was at an alright price, I think I paid under $20 but it was definitely more than $15, but I guess it was worth it because the burger was actually really filling, and while I was eating it, juices from the meat and sauce kept on falling it out since I wasn’t eating it quick enough.

After we finished our burgers, we went to a pastry/pie place which was about a five minute drive away. We decided to all chip in for a chocolate and banana pie ($8 each), which turned out to be really nice and very sweet when S and I tried it later that night.

B drove us back to the lodge where we ended up playing Fifa for a couple hours. We played a few rounds where I was teamed up with B and then teamed up with H. Apparently, I had awesome dribbling skills. After a few rounds we were pretty tired and resided to watching the Australian Open. Not long after, H and I decided to play some pool.


H letting out his inner pool demon

As much as I hate to admit, the round of pool was very short since I completely suck at playing pool, but I admit I have come pretty far when I first started playing pool. Anyway, we came back to the room, watched the AO a little more before deciding to head to dinner at 6:30.

B drove us to this place in a suburb called Civic, where we dined at his American BBQ place called Smoque. The place was designed pretty awesome, so I was pretty amazed. When we asked for a table for 5 the lady told us we had to be out by 8 since the table was already booked. With this impression, I was expecting some quality food. We decided to order a big platter that would feed all of us with fries and mac and cheese as the sides, and it did fill us up pretty nicely, or at least it did for me because I was actually really full afterwards.


“If you can’t stay, take me away”


Antler wall


Smoque – Hi 5 Platter


Bib buddies

Once dinner was sorted we decided to buy a slab of ciders for tonight and walked down to the supermarket. We settled with an apple flavoured Sombersby which I think was the same cider I had at my work Christmas party 2.0.

B then drove to Parliament House which was absolutely gorgeous at night.


Holding up the flag on top of Parliament House


Parliament House from afar

We then climbed to the top of Parliament House on the hill at the side. The grass was so nice and green and the view of Canberra was so pretty as well. The photo below doesn’t do the view any justice since the photos turned out really grainy on my phone, but oh man, the view was so pretty, and it was even prettier because there was lighting being struck through the clouds, and I totally tried to catch the lightning but damn, the strike was way too fast for my super slow reaction 😦


Canberra night lights

B then decided to drive us down to Old Parliament House and to be honest, it is certainly not as pretty as Parliament House at night. After that, B drove us back to the lodge. B left us in our room while she went to the share with her friends, and when she left, we thought building a fort. In the end we were successful.


Fort ft. S

Soon after we decided on opening a cider each between the three of us and watch Pitch Perfect on S’s laptop. We played a drinking game to have some more fun, and the rules were: 1) When someone sings, take a sip / 2) When a group sings take a longer sip. In the end we each ended up going through two cans of cider.

H is the most hilarious when he’s tipsy. We went through two cans of cider (that lightweight!) and started feeling my bag and says, “Your bag feels so nice”, then touches my hair and goes, “You have really nice, soft hair” then says, “I miss my girlfriend, I miss cuddling her”, and then S goes and asks H, “What do you think of cells, are they alive or dead?” Then they had this whole discussion where they disagreed on cells being alive or not. S thought they were alive since she said inside of cells are more cells.

After that we watched the rest of Pitch Perfect and decided to call it a night.

Weekend Getaway – Day 1

Day 1 of the Canberra trip was pretty chill since it was eight long hours of travelling, but I suppose it wasn’t too bad as both the transports had air conditioning since it was like 30-40 degrees that day in Melbourne.

I met up with S at about 10ish at Glen Waverley station where we collected our tickets and headed off to Southern Cross station. We chatted for most of the train ride to Southern Cross, and when we got there which was like 11:30 it was pretty hot so I had this feeling the v/line train would be cancelled. Anyway, we walked to this random platform at Southern Cross since we saw the v/line train there but it wasn’t ours since it wasn’t heading to where we were going and it was leaving at an earlier time than it said on our tickets.

We then walked to the v/line station, but we were told the trains were not working and instead we were getting a replacement bus service. We then walked all the way to where all the (replacement) busses were in Southern Cross and soon enough we found our bus to Albury. The bus ride was ages long, and we only had one or two bathroom breaks, can’t remember.

Anyway, soon enough we arrived at Albury station and our bus to Canberra was already waiting for us. We hopped onto the bus and sat in our seats for about three hours. We arrived at about 8:30 and when we got there, H was there and greeted us. He was pretty happy to us since he told us he had no friends in Canberra and had gotten pretty emotional over watching a video of people giving presents to the homeless. We started walking towards Karmel Lodge and met B along the way, where she took us the room S and I were staying at. We settled in then made our way to B’s room, where she’d made dinner for us.

After dinner we went over to B’s friend’s place, where they had this share. It’s like a giant apartment with 5 rooms, which was pretty cool. One of the residents had a cat living in place, which was awesome. As S mentioned before, in her guest post, the cat’s name is Mabel.


Mabel – grey ball of fluff/queen of the house

After playing with Mabel we then helped out B and B’s friends with massive puzzle (which I was horrible at) while they studied for their exam the next morning. After a while of epically failing at the puzzle, we then decided to order food from Dominos. H ordered an entire pizza for himself while S and I decided to split the garlic bread with some sprite.

Not long after we decided to go back to our room. H offered his spare room which sounded pretty good, but once we walked through ANU and he showed me around the massive university campus, we arrived at Ursula hall and I was regretting moving since his spare room had no air con and was sauna. The room H was currently residing in was a lot more cooler since he had a fan. We decided pull an all nighter for some reason ended up watching the One Direction movie and The Incredibles, while popping open a bottle of Rekorderlig.  Some time after, we decided to watch the sunrise from the top of a car park, and killed some time to 11, by sleeping where we’d meet B and S for lunch.


6AM sunrise


6AM – Telstra tower, and you can still see the moon!!