Girls are the Epitome of Bitch

They really are.

Someone pointed this out to me a few months ago and I began analysing myself in certain types of situations and I’ve been like, “yep total bitch in that situation”. Anyway this isn’t the point of the post.

There’s this new girl at work who I’ve only met literally a day ago. I have no idea exactly how old she is but she looks like she has graduated high school already and she has not continued her studies further. That is not the point of this post either.

Yesterday this new girl was talking to one of the male workers there and I over hear her say, “Girls are bitches, I hate girls and I don’t want to be friends with any of the girls here because they are too much drama. I am not your typical girl I absolutely hate girls.” Or something along the lines of that. But anyway, I mean c’mon all I wanted to tell her was, do you hear yourself?! You sound like a fucking bitch yourself and if you hate girls so much then why the fuck do you work in the most girl-iest section any store can offer?!!!

Fuck you and your judgemental dim witted mind! I mean fine fair enough, girls may cause drama and maybe they can be a lot to deal with but you know what, she needs to look herself in the mirror to stop making a fool of herself! I thought I was at an age where I wouldn’t have to deal with the bitchiness of girls but apparently not!


An Email from the Morbid Bitch

I think I can actually get sued for calling my tutor a bitch in public. Ahahaha, I am so fucked if my employers or university tutors or lecturers ever finds out about this space.

Anyway, so the other day at uni while I was sitting in my tute doing my work and copying shit off the board, I receive an email, which my trusty phone notified me of. Being the materialistic teenager who gets very, very easily distracted and is very attached to her phone, I open the email and begin to read it’s contents. It is from none other than the bitchy tutor herself.

One section of the email that caught my eye read,

Courtesy in the Classroom: Several Tutors have noted that some students have been less than respectful in the classroom to other students or to a Tutor recently. Please note that I will be referring future instances of this to Client Services for assistance. Each student is reminded to behave in a respectful manner to their Tutor and to all students.

I can’t believe my tutor, far out. If this isn’t referring to the tute I am in then that’s good, but if it is OHMYFUCKINGGOD.

Why the fuck send an email like that after what you’ve done to deserve such attitude towards you?

Oh my fucking god, I swear my tutor is such a bloody, weirdo.


And which student in the class dobbed us in for bitching about her every Wednesday morning before she walks into the room?


My Tutor Is A Morbid Bitch

Really she is.

When I first met her at the beginning of the semester I found her alright. I thought she was going to be one of those nice tutors who give marks easily, which she said so herself in the first tute, “I give marks very easily, I’m happy to give HDs!”

Next thing you know, she fails you for the first part of your component for your assignment.

I go to her lectures and she points out the negatives in every fucking case scenario.

“This many people died.” BLAH BLAH BLAH

Look, lady, I didn’t come to your lectures to hear you talk about the negatives, I came to learn and pointing out unnecessary stuff like that won’t teach me anything. But whatever, it’s not like I go to her lectures anymore… only just when I need to.

So two weeks ago we were doing presentations (still are), and we got up to this group where she kept on interrupting them every slide. The group of three were doing their presentation, speaking and explaining to the class about the topic they were given, until the tutor interrupted them saying stuff like,

“Your data isn’t right.”

“Your referencing is wrong.”

“Your information isn’t correct.”

“What you’re saying is completely wrong.”

“Your font size isn’t big enough!”

Yes, I’m serious, this bitch is pedantic about font size, if she can’t read it, it’s too small for her, I mean you could have font size 16, which everyone else can see perfectly fine on a powerpoint slide, but for her, it must be font size 24 or you’ll suffer the wrath of my bitchy tutor!

Woman, you don’t interrupt anyone while they’re doing a powerpoint, teaching or at least speaking! You’re so fucking rude and you complain that students are rude to you, oh yeah I wonder why!

I’m so glad that student that presented stood up herself when the tutor interrupted her, but I felt so sorry for her when she ended up crying at the end of the tute because of my tutor, and because of all that hectic drama, that student ended up moving to another class the next week!

Also today in my other class that my bitchy tutor takes, tells my group and I that we are not going to get a HD after we tell her we’re aiming for a HD for that class. Oh yeah, and she says that one of the guys in our group can’t be doing 80% of the work while everyone else does 30%, and this wasn’t even in a nice tone, this condescending bitch blames us that we’ve been making that guy do all the work. I mean helloo, we haven’t even done any work together, why the fuck are you even saying this?! Also, why the fuck do you think we’re making this one guy to 80% of the work? Is that how you really think of us? What kind of students do you think we are? What kind of person are you for assuming such thing?

The day I will have my last class with her is the day I cannot wait for as I will be free from her rein of terror and bitchy-ness.

I hate her.


I was working a night shift with this sixteen-year-old chick who was filling in for a regular, and this was the first time I met the sixteen-year-old.

When I met her, I found it really hard to talk to her when I asked her questions out of politeness to get to know her better. I tried to keep a conversation going but she didn’t even put in any effort and replied to me in a tone like she wasn’t interested. It turns out she has a lot of attitude.

Breaks at the place I work at are only ten minutes during that particular shift. So this bitch left for her break and didn’t come back in 20 mins, and she knew she was only allowed to take a 10 minute break. I swear, I was soo fucking pissed off when she came back from her break, since she didn’t even have a legit excuse why she took 20 minutes in the first place! She came back and she was like, “I was at Surpre shopping trying to find clothes my size”, okay you fucking Supre-loving whore, listen up!

Firstly, shopping isn’t a legitimate excuse to take 20 minutes on a break, and Supre is only a store for fucking anorexics, not people your size, you chubby bunny!

Secondly, do you know how long 10 minutes is? When you leave at 7:00, you’re suppose to come back at 7:10, not 7:20! And if you do come back that late, the least decent thing you could do is at least apologize and not talk about your shopping expedition to Surpre and how you were going through every piece of fucking clothing on the rack and couldn’t find anything your size there!

I swear I was soo going to tell her off, but I can’t believe I ended not up doing it. Why didn’t I do it?! Ugh, I so should have.

Also, the whole night, this bitch bossed me the fuck around. I mean, who the fuck do you think you are you sixteen year old, terra titted bitch! Don’t fucking tell me to help this and that customer out, and if they actually do need help, at least ask me nicely and not say it in such an authoritative tone like you own the god damn place! And don’t tell me to pull the god damn fucking doors down just because you can’t do it yourself! You should be fucking grateful I came over to help you out in the first place so you wouldn’t look so much like a ‘tard trying to pull them down yourself!


Anyway to end on a lighter note, I’ve handed in my accounting assignment, behaviour and change essay and sat my mid semester test for business law! Aaand I also got a D for one of my essays I handed in weeks ago!! Saaaa haappieeee :’)