Night out at YoYo

I honestly wasn’t originally going to post about this night but I was telling C about my night and she found this pretty hilarious and a good story to share so I’m going to write about what happened. Also it’ll be a good story to read about when I’m older ha ha.

On a Saturday night I went to Yoyo with some friends and we managed to get a table to sit and drink, which was good because all I wanted to do was to sit and drink and not meet anyone new or talk to anyone I didn’t know. I honestly hadn’t cause up with my friend in a while and I wanted to catch up with her so that’s why.

Throughout the night there were a couple of guys that had hit on me but there was one guy in particular that was pretty persistent. Anyway, this guy came up to me while I was sitting at the table with my friends and he sat down next to me, much to my dismay. (Remember, all I wanted to do that night was talk to my cousin and drink, not meet anyone new.)

Call me a bitch but when he sat down I rejected him straight away. I told him that seat was taken to avoid talking to him but he didn’t realise I wasnt interested and instead he goes, “oh but c’mon I just want to have a chat” so obviously I let him take the seat and let him talk. When we did it honestly felt like a god damn interrogation, but that was because I didn’t ask him the question back as in I wasn’t like “how about you?”. After a while he got bored and left, and I must add in here that I gave him a fake phone number when he asked for my number. I told K this and I swear she subtly implied that I made a bitchy move. Eh.

Anyway not long after he left he came back and wanted to talk some more so naturally I let him even though I couldn’t be bothered/didn’t have the energy to converse. He asks me what I want to talk about but I couldn’t think up of a topic so I pointed out the fact he’s the one who wanted to talk and therefore he should be the one leading the conversation. He goes, “good point, what do you like to do in your spare time?”

I was literally like “stuff” and he probably thought I was some bitchy-ass bimbo. After that the conversation died for a bit and he turned his head away from me then turned back to me and he smiled. And then that was the funny thing that happened. The moment of the story that C found so funny she continued to make jokes about this moment for the rest of the night.

He drooled.

Yes he smiled at me and then drooled. After that he let out a laugh which came off somehow quite creepy but at the same time made me laugh my ass off.

After that he walked off and didn’t speak to me for the rest of the night.


Work Christmas Party

On Saturday night I went to a Christmas party at Mordialloc for work, which wasn’t too bad to be honest. I was kind of expecting more of the workers to come but a good 30 of us was a good effort from the store I guess. They had a bar tab the whole night I think so as soon as I entered the place with Bethany and Wei Li we were offered drinks. Beth and Wei Li don’t drink so I also rejected the drink because it felt kinda out of place lol. But then when I continued walking and seeing everyone else chatting amongst themselves I realised the majority of everyone was holding a drink in their hand LOL so then I went back to the waiter and got a drink haha.

Anyway, we got seated, ordered what we wanted from a three course meal, I ordered risotto for entree, steak for main and chocolate cake for dessert. The foods were okay overall, and the steak was too bloody for my liking. In between meals though we had a review, speeches and socialising time. I kept going back to the bar for drinks though lol, I’m such an alcoholic :P. So I had two glasses of champagne, 1.5 glasses of midori and lemonade and a body shot. I was pretty tipsy but I ended up cutting myself off during my second glass of midori. Midori and lemonade is really nice actually, really sweet and everything. I think the bartender thought I was underage because she eventually asked for ID and later when we were saying our goodbyes to each other one of the owners goes up to my store owner and says, “The bartender told me a 16 year old is ordering drinks from the bar” and my store owner says, “I don’t think it’s anyone from my store because the underaged ones don’t drink” and I go, “Ummm guys! It’s actually me because they asked me for ID” LOOOOOL! Probably looked about 14 that night lol.

So anyhow the party ended and we were all saying goodbyes and the car that I was car pooling with going home wanted to go clubbing. Freakin party animals because all I wanted to do was to go home since I was working the next day. Anyway we went to Yoyos which is like a black club that plays super black music. I felt so out of place. But in the end I managed to loosen up after a shot of tequila lol.

Got home at about 3.30 but I didn’t sleep until 4.

Anyway here’s a photo from the night. In case you don’t know, I’m the one in the middle, or if you prefer – the 16 year old looking one.


Weekend Festivity

Friday night was my cousin’s super early birthday party, which was pretty damn fun. My cousin lives in an apartment in the city so she just rented a function room in her hotel, where she held the party. It was pot luck so everyone had to bring something along. I bought some banana chocolate chip cupcakes, which a number of people liked so I was pretty happy with that. Anyway, there was cake there from Lux Bite which was delicious with super rich chocolate, and speeches that were pretty sweet.


Anyway, after the party finished we went to a club, Alumbra, that my cousin booked a table for. Therefore, that meant she was able to give free entry tickets to a couple of people, which included me, and because she booked a table, we got free drinks too. So free drinks and entry made my night completely buzzing – so happy with that. Not to brag one little bit, buuut I think about four guys hit on me in total but I only made out with two of them. Two of the guys though were hitting on me at the same time, like they were BOTH trying to wingman each other which was really weird because as soon as they thought one of them was in the other would leave, but the first time I met them I left them both LOOOOL. I couldn’t even remember their names, like I kept on getting confused with the two guy’s names and kept on asking them, which I think pissed them off cause one guy was like “If you ask me my name one more time I will not talk to you for the rest of the night” and I just smiled and said “Okay” and I probably asked him what his name was again at some point later in the night.¬†Anyway, I saw them on the dance floor again and that’s when I made out with him. His kissing was really gross though, it was like wet and rough and really ew so I left the dance floor and excused myself for “a drink” when really I didn’t go back to the bar, I went back to the table.

The first guy I made out with was on the dance floor. Now his kissing was waaaay better than the other guy’s but it still wasn’t that great. It was like “ohhh, you’re okay, byeeeee!” Which pretty much happened, because after we were done I said I was gonna go to the toilet and I never came back to him even though I told him yes when he asked me if I was going to come back.

The last guy that hit on me was really disgusting. We were leaving and my cousin was gathering everyone from the club, so while she was there I waited alone near at the back of the bar and I was on my phone, probably texting Brenda or whatsapping Kate, and this guy who was walking with his friends came up to me. Now I saw before he came up to me his friend pointed to me like a target so I wasn’t too happy about that. I mean, be more suss if you want to objectivity women at least. Anyway, this guy comes up to me and leans in a little and says, “I really like you” and I was just like wtfffffffff, not interested, so I just said, “okay, thanks”, and went back messaging on my phone, and then he said, “I really want to kiss you” and I didn’t answer him and continued messaging my friend on my phone, then before I know it, he’s pretty much sucking my cheek off. But luckily my cousin’s boyfriend saw what was happening, and he pushed him off and pretended to be my boyfriend – thank god. Horrible experience.


Birthday girl!!!


Anyway, guys are horny bastards. Too much thinking with their dicks, and not enough with their heads.

Here’s my favourite photo from the night. I swear I wasn’t drunk I was just really tired lol.