Thursday night was when MCCC Ball happened. I went as E’s plus one, so naturally, I ended up going with his friends and stayed at one of his friend’s apartment. Anyway, I got to K’s apartment in Docklands at about 4-ish and then ended up sleeping until 5 because I was that tired lol.

Anyway, when I woke up I decided to get ready since the other two girls were getting ready. I already had half my make up done and my hair done so I finished off my make up, fixed up my curls and had to iron my dress since it was really creased at the sheer part haha. Also, when I was getting ready, E had to go out and meet a friend to pick up a corsage since I asked for one the night before, and didn’t realise that I actually wanted one ages ago since he didn’t think I was serious. Going back to the dress, K actually ended up ironing my dress for me since I didn’t know how to use her iron lololol. After she ironed like half of my dress, I decided to take over and ironed the rest myself.

After that, we took some pictures in the apartment, and the lights had come on in the city so it looked amazing from K’s apartment. I even took a photo lol. After that, we all took shots of whisky lol.

Once we were all finally ready, we walked down to Crown Palladium and we were all ready to have fun and get our $140 worth haha. Here are some pictures from the night, and I must say, I pride myself on being able to down 5 champagne sunrises for the whole entire night. I was pretty drunk by the end of it, let’s say, head spinning and everything haha.


Melbourne, you’re a babe



Anyway, when we got back to the apartment, we decided to play Kings. Actually not all of us, only E and J did, while D poured the shots and kept feeding people red bull. Haha, anyway, it was time to go the after party so after changing and putting on a pair of flats, we headed back down to crown.

The after party was held at Fusion which was so much fun yet so tiring and too much dancing. We got there at 12, I got really tired at like 1.45 ish. Hahaha. Oh yeah and when I was getting my ID checked before I went into the club, the bouncer was like “How much have you had to drink?” and I told him “Not much. I slept before I came here” LOLOLOL. What lies. He let me through so that was pretty good haha. Here’s come photos from the night. Didn’t take that many actually.



After that we walked back home and picked up some food on the way back to K’s and then slept to end our fun and memorable night.


New Year Eve’s Party

For New Year’s Eve, I went to S’s house party. She bought all this food and we cooked it on this miniature barbecue set she had. Also some of the guys were helped to put up “New Years” celebratory lights, which kinda failed because in the end, some of the lights fell off the wall and they twisted some around the clothes line haha.

After we ate and filled ourselves up with some yummy food, alcohol and soft drinks we played this game called Werewolves and Sears. Actually I have no idea what the game was called but it’s a lot like mafia. We ended up playing about two rounds.

We went outside to catch the fireworks since people in the neighbourhood were setting off illegal fireworks. We caught a glimpse of fireworks but after that, we went inside and it was officially 2014 by that time. To be honest, not too fond of being a new year or overly joyed like everyone else was.

When we went back inside, E decided to bring out his Game of Thrones game, and we played. It’s this really complicated game and it took about an hour to explain to us how to play and for almost the entire time, I felt like I was cramming for exams again. Then we played, and it took about 3-4 hours (I think) to complete the game. M won in the end which was no surprise since M already knew how to play the game.

We then slept, but I didn’t fall asleep until about 5-ish, plus E kept on snoring haha. The next morning we woke up at about 9-10 and went home before thanking Sarah big time.

Happy New Year.