An Email from the Morbid Bitch

I think I can actually get sued for calling my tutor a bitch in public. Ahahaha, I am so fucked if my employers or university tutors or lecturers ever finds out about this space.

Anyway, so the other day at uni while I was sitting in my tute doing my work and copying shit off the board, I receive an email, which my trusty phone notified me of. Being the materialistic teenager who gets very, very easily distracted and is very attached to her phone, I open the email and begin to read it’s contents. It is from none other than the bitchy tutor herself.

One section of the email that caught my eye read,

Courtesy in the Classroom: Several Tutors have noted that some students have been less than respectful in the classroom to other students or to a Tutor recently. Please note that I will be referring future instances of this to Client Services for assistance. Each student is reminded to behave in a respectful manner to their Tutor and to all students.

I can’t believe my tutor, far out. If this isn’t referring to the tute I am in then that’s good, but if it is OHMYFUCKINGGOD.

Why the fuck send an email like that after what you’ve done to deserve such attitude towards you?

Oh my fucking god, I swear my tutor is such a bloody, weirdo.


And which student in the class dobbed us in for bitching about her every Wednesday morning before she walks into the room?