The City Life

On Sunday evening after work I made my way over to my cousin’s apartment to spend time/catch up with her. I took the train from Glen Waverley and the took the tram down to my cousin’s place but as soon as I got off the tram my cousin texted me to go to MC. Since I wasn’t there anymore I met her at Bilo instead which was much closer and made our way to MC and then back to her apartment.

We then changed into our bikini and made our way to the spa/sauna room/steam room. We first jumped into the spa and talked for a couple of hours since there were heaps of things to talk about. Then we decided to go into the sauna and steam room before going into the pool, but once that got too cold we ended up going back to my cousin’s apartment.


Pool and spa

After we showered and got changed we had dinner and watched the movie, George of the Jungle, before calling it a night.


The next morning we decided to go for brunch in Fitroy. Dodgy place but very indie looking place. We originally wanted to go to this burger place but they weren’t open until 5PM so instead we went to this place called Slowpoke. It’s this indie looking place with those “Frankie” magazines. Anyway here’s a picture to the entrance of the courtyard of Slowpoke.


Indie brunch place

The place pretty much only served sandwiches, which was delicious when my place came. I ordered a smashed egg with herbs (it was delicious) and my cousin ordered a chicken herbed sandwich. I tried a chicken piece of her and the chicken was pretty good.


Brunch food, Slowpoke

After brunch we walked around since I’d never been to Fitzroy before. We came to this shop which, specialised in paper. The place was pretty awesome even though it was pretty much just paper in the store. Here’s a picture of the place and there’s a selfie in here somewhere lol.


Zetta Florence

When we were finished at the paper store we made our way to Carlton Gardens which was so gorgeous, as shown below. Actually phone quality is never the same as real life quality.


Carlton Gardens

We got back to my cousin’s apartment since it was heating up and we didn’t want to walk around in the sun. So instead we stayed inside her apartment and watched the good bits from Frozen, and also planned where to go for a snack. I suggest Zumbo since both of us had never been there before, and since her sister’s boyfriend was over, we invited him to join us since he had never been there before either. Once Frozen finished, we got changed to go out and took a train to Zumbo. And lol at the asian girl in my pic heh, ruining my photo D<


We eventually chose our orders and while we were there I bumped into V which I hadn’t seen in a long time. Anyway the cakes we went with were, Chocolate, Chocoalte Orange and Strawberry (which is what I ordered). I loved the strawberry cake and it wasn’t too sweet either. The size of the cake were good for a snack size, however $8 per cake, isn’t worth it. It is a good place to go if you haven’t been there before.


After that we made our way back to the apartment and watched Running Man before heading off to dinner. We decided to go to this Italian place where they make their food from scratch. I forgot where it was exactly and what the place was called but it was really good. The spaghetti that I ordered was absolutely delicious. Would eat it again, then afterwards I took the train back home.


The Double Date Thief

On Wednesday I met up with G and booked tickets to see The Book Thief. I’d heard positive things about this movie from another friend so I was actually expecting quite a lot from this movie, with the only knowledge that the movie was based off a book about a girl who steals books (as suggested by the title). Bottom line, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I stepped into the cinemas.

About 10/15 minutes into the movie, the projector actually screwed up and cut off, causing the big viewing screen to go black, but a couple minutes later an usher came into the cinema and told us there was something wrong with the projector and it’ll take a couple minutes to fix it, and that’s when I spotted little petite J with P. They ended up moving over next to where we were sitting, and they told us they’d literally arrived, just before the movie cut off.

J was kind enough to offer us staff discounted food from the Candy Bar, but before we could decide on what to eat, the movie was up and running again. When the movie was playing, I actually quite enjoyed how the movie kept on going and never slowed down. Event after event, I never thought one of the scenes were dull, and were in fact heart-warming or depressing. Towards the end of the movie I almost shed a tear, but I forced myself not to haha but it is sad and emotional but it is a pretty good movie. However, one character that annoyed me most was Rudy. I certainly did not like how he was so nosy and always clinging onto Leisel and just always there, omg. As quoted from Leisel, “he’s a pain in the neck”.

When the movie ended, G, J, P and I all decided to have dinner together, and thought we should dine at Straits of Malacca. G ended up ordering Fried Chicken Drumsticks, P order Chicken Rice, J order the Curry Laksa and I went with the Prawn Noodle Soup.


Say Hello to our food and a blurry faced J, lol

When everyone finished eating, J was still eating her dinner, and decided she would finish everyone’s left overs. She ended up eating P’s chicken, some of G’s fried chicken and drank the soup of my prawn noodles, while continuing to eat the curry laksa she ordered.

Dinner with my does

Saturday night I went out for an afternoon snack, dinner and dessert. I met up with G in the afternoon where we just sat in a cafe ate and talked about whatever until we decided we’d walk off the cake and macarons. Here’s a picture of the macarons by the way ft. G’s New York Cheesecake. They were pretty nice.


We decided to walk to a park close to GW and hop onto the swings. I swear we were going to get sunburnt while we were there.

About 5:30 we walked back to GL and sat at the numbers in Village. We were talking for a while until one of our friends (DK) walked passed by. We chatted for a while until he had to go meet his friends, and not long after V turned up and we had dinner at Kimchi Hut. The food there was okay, each time I’ve been there, the experience was alright, nothing special, but I suppose they go there for their hot pot since a lot of customers were eating off the portable stove.

After dinner we walked to GWSC and then to the new car park since V has never been to the top. There were some really pretty views from some of the sides, so it’s pretty nice there.

Not long after we went for some dessert and split the banana split with fudge and oh my god, that plate is a plate of delight it’s soooo good! I swear the three of us nommed it down in like10-15 mins lol.


Unfudged banana split


Fudged banana split

After that we spent the night talking until we had to go home. Also, here’s a photo of me at the park!


Kitchen Workshop

On Monday I went to Kitchen Workshop with G. I’ve already been there about two times already. The first time was on a weekday so the rate was cheaper, except I didn’t pay. The second time was on a weekend and the rate was a lot higher because they served seafood, but the seafood isn’t worth it.

I was quite hungry when we arrived at Kitchen Workshop since I hadn’t eaten anything beforehand, and when we got there was only a short line, and thank god we got there when we did because afterwards, there was a massive line.

I remember I had about two rounds before going to dessert. There were lots of foods, like salads, lamb, pork, chicken, and western and eastern foods too. There was even like Hokkien noodles, lol, so it’s worth because of the variety of foods they have there. I actually find this buffet is a lot more worth than the China Bar buffet to be honest since it’s a lot cheaper than China Bar, even though Kitchen Workshop may be average buffet. But who cares, it’s food.

Dessert is the best part of any meal. The chocolate mouse was delicious and same with the mango pudding. The cheesecakes were alright but the mud cake tasted slightly too dry for my liking.


Belated Birthday Dinner

Last night was C’s belated birthday dinner. We went to Kazoo, which is this new place in Kingsway that opened up. It was where Circuz used to be, and the food at Kazoo was actually a lot nicer than the food they served at Circuz.

C was actually late to her own birthday dinner and she turned up about half an hour late. I think a lot of us were hungry by the time she came and we ordered all these entrees and tried the foods. There were foods like fried rice, crab sushi rolls, tonkatzu, lamb chops and octopus balls. Pretty tasty Jap food. I love Jap food lol.


The food bill added up to like $200 but thank god there was a decent size group for us so we all pitched in about $20!

After dinner we went to this pool place in Syndal. I absolutely suck at pool so I was actually really happy when I’d manage to hit the balls without missing and get them into the sockets. We played a game of pool then went home. Totally lost though against A and K but you know, good game since it was a tie towards the end haha.

Anyway here’s a snap from the night.


Jap Feed

On Wednesday I went with B to Waya on Kingsway. It’s this “new’ (kinda) Japanese restaurant that opened up recently (kinda). Anyway, I’ve been wanting to eat there ever since I heard about the new restaurant, and ever since then it’s gotten pretty bad reviews of it’s main foods. Not to bash the restaurant, but my friends have noted the rice being oily for example or the food being mediocre overall. Naturally, when I arrived there had low expectations of the food.

B and I decided to order four plates of starter foods and call that dinner, which was a good idea since everyone said the mains weren’t good. The food came out pretty quickly, and all at once which was really good. Anyway, I got a picture of the food, and it was actually really good (the food, not the photo), but the food does look amazing in the photo. This is how it looks:


After that we decided to have dessert. We decided to keep in theme of the food and went across the street to Monga and ordered Japanese dessert. I settled for a milk pudding and B ordered a brown sugar pudding. I tried a spoonful of B’s and it was really sweet since the brown sugar gave the pudding lots of taste. The milk pudding I ordered wasn’t too bad actually. But it came with nuts sprinkled on top of the pudding, but I thought it’d tasted better without the nuts. So here’s a picture of the dessert:


The night of eating ended there. Soooo good, I forgot how much I loved Japanese food even though I was so bloated after all that. I need more food adventures in my life guise.

Outing with my dumpring

Today I met up with C. We went for lunch at Shine, which actually wasn’t too pricey since we ordered from the specials menu. I ordered a calamari dish and C ordered steak sandwich. It was actually pretty nice and I only paid like $14.9 for the dish so I was pretty happy with it. Totally worth by money, except for the bean shoots in the salad. I hate bean shoots.


We then went to watch the movie Catching Fire. I didn’t realise the movie went for like almost three hours, so I think about two hours into the movie my butt started to hurt and I started fidgeting and I think the guy sitting next to me got a little frustrated that I kept on moving every five minutes lol.

After the really long movie we decided to eat some more. We went to Max Brenners and ordered a Chocolate Dip. It was with strawberries and chocolate dip which was delicious. I ended up drinking the rest of the dip lol I’m such a fatty hehe. I need to go there again and try everything on the menu. I love chocolate heaps. Here’s a picture of the meal. It was slightly expensive since it was like $8.50 (I think) but I split the price with C so it was alright I guess and it was so yummy!


Now I shall leave you, my lovely reader/s with an inspirational quote I found on the wall of Max Brenners. It made me love chocolate oh-so-much more…