The City Life

On Sunday evening after work I made my way over to my cousin’s apartment to spend time/catch up with her. I took the train from Glen Waverley and the took the tram down to my cousin’s place but as soon as I got off the tram my cousin texted me to go to MC. Since I wasn’t there anymore I met her at Bilo instead which was much closer and made our way to MC and then back to her apartment.

We then changed into our bikini and made our way to the spa/sauna room/steam room. We first jumped into the spa and talked for a couple of hours since there were heaps of things to talk about. Then we decided to go into the sauna and steam room before going into the pool, but once that got too cold we ended up going back to my cousin’s apartment.


Pool and spa

After we showered and got changed we had dinner and watched the movie, George of the Jungle, before calling it a night.


The next morning we decided to go for brunch in Fitroy. Dodgy place but very indie looking place. We originally wanted to go to this burger place but they weren’t open until 5PM so instead we went to this place called Slowpoke. It’s this indie looking place with those “Frankie” magazines. Anyway here’s a picture to the entrance of the courtyard of Slowpoke.


Indie brunch place

The place pretty much only served sandwiches, which was delicious when my place came. I ordered a smashed egg with herbs (it was delicious) and my cousin ordered a chicken herbed sandwich. I tried a chicken piece of her and the chicken was pretty good.


Brunch food, Slowpoke

After brunch we walked around since I’d never been to Fitzroy before. We came to this shop which, specialised in paper. The place was pretty awesome even though it was pretty much just paper in the store. Here’s a picture of the place and there’s a selfie in here somewhere lol.


Zetta Florence

When we were finished at the paper store we made our way to Carlton Gardens which was so gorgeous, as shown below. Actually phone quality is never the same as real life quality.


Carlton Gardens

We got back to my cousin’s apartment since it was heating up and we didn’t want to walk around in the sun. So instead we stayed inside her apartment and watched the good bits from Frozen, and also planned where to go for a snack. I suggest Zumbo since both of us had never been there before, and since her sister’s boyfriend was over, we invited him to join us since he had never been there before either. Once Frozen finished, we got changed to go out and took a train to Zumbo. And lol at the asian girl in my pic heh, ruining my photo D<


We eventually chose our orders and while we were there I bumped into V which I hadn’t seen in a long time. Anyway the cakes we went with were, Chocolate, Chocoalte Orange and Strawberry (which is what I ordered). I loved the strawberry cake and it wasn’t too sweet either. The size of the cake were good for a snack size, however $8 per cake, isn’t worth it. It is a good place to go if you haven’t been there before.


After that we made our way back to the apartment and watched Running Man before heading off to dinner. We decided to go to this Italian place where they make their food from scratch. I forgot where it was exactly and what the place was called but it was really good. The spaghetti that I ordered was absolutely delicious. Would eat it again, then afterwards I took the train back home.


City Adventure

Yesterday I went to the city with Grace to celebrate her belated birthday. It was actually a week ago but we were both busy so we just decided postpone it. We met up at the station and had to switch trains to get to Melbourne Central. Once we were there we got our tickets for beanbag cinema even though it wasn’t until 6PM later that day. Aaaaand being the retard I am, I tried to give the guy Village Cinema vouchers instead of Hoyts HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

After we got our tickets we went off to lunch at Giraffe Cafe. Neither Grace or I knew the city very well but after pulling out our trusty GPS on our phones we managed to find the place. It’s a rather small place with a light blue exterior so it stands out among all the other stores. The food there is okay. I had the pasta and it was very salty, I had to drink a cup of water after lol. I love the interior of the little place though, it’s very unique and so cute haha.

20130922-152316.jpgAfter lunch we walked around the city and made our way to Crown. Even though I was dressed up – did my hair, makeup and wore a pretty dress with heels, apparently I still look underage. Probably look like 12 D; because the guy at the casino checking people’s IDs didn’t believe Grace and I were of age. I think he didn’t have a problem with Grace because we was grilling me and oh my god I was flipping the shits on the inside. When I gave him my ID, he asked me a question and of all the questions you can ask about someone’s identification, HE ASKED ME WHAT MY NAME WAS FUCKING HELL YOU CALL YOURSELF A SECURITY GUARD AT LEAST ASK ME MY ADDRESS OR DATE OF BIRTH OMFGG!

Moving on, we made our way to Galactic Space and played this pirate game, where I died in the early part of the second stage because I simply suck. After that we decided to make our way back around MC to get some snacks, go shopping etc. Before we knew it, it was six and it was time to watch the movie.

We saw the magician movie, Now You See Me, and it’s a good movie. I very much enjoyed it, even though it did have a tricky storyline to follow when you’re somewhat falling asleep from the comfy beanbags. Haha, those beanbags are massive, it’s very couplely because it’s two people for one beanbag. But yeah, go watch the movie if you haven’t already seen it.

20130922-152431.jpgAnyway gonna end this post with a picture of myself because. It was taken somewhere near crown LOL probably looked like a tourist to bystanders heh.


Free at last!

This late afternoon, I finished my exams and commenced break for the Summer, wooo! I’m super pumped for this 4 month break as I’ve been waiting for this the whole year, and it’s here at last. I couldn’t be happier! :’)

Anyway, to kick off the break I think I might write up a list of things I want to complete this break instead of always being home bound and wishing work would call me to come in so I’ll have something to do that day, LOL… Actually, I think I would still want them to call me in as often as I can, and I feel really bad because for the past month I’ve been saying no because of uni and exams etc.

Anywho, here are the things that I would like to get done!


– Try Nutella pizza!

– Marathon every fucking TV show I own

– Work and earn as much money as I can so I can,

– Shop all I want without feeling poor!

– Celebrate my 19th

– Catch up with my dearly beloved missed cousin!

– And friends, dearest friends that I haven’t seen in a very, very long time!

– Split a foot long with Cindy as dirty as it sounds

– Book my hazards

– Pass my hazards

– Get my Ps

– Pass my Ps test

– Go to the beach (especially at night!)

So starting from 13/11/2012, I shall let my break begin, woo!