All That Money, All Gone To Waste

I don’t mean to sound like a pretentious asshole or even a massive hypocrite to the first degree with the following rant I am about to burst into, but if I do then #yolo #swag #hashtag. I really have to get this off my chest anyway, as it’s been building up for a while. Usually when the following type of situation happens in real life, I stay quiet because they’re my friend and/or I don’t want to offend, but hey, this is my blog right, so I have the right to vent all I want. perks of having your own blog

I’m rather currently irritated by brats who get whatever the hell they want because their parents spoon-feed it right to them – wether it’d be begging for it first until their parents give in or not.

I don’t mean to sound superior but this is going to make me sound like such a bitch, but oh well. Ever since I’ve gotten a job (not saying I have a shit load of experience with this, but it’s what I’ve learned), I’ve managed to understand and grasp the concept of hard earned money, and being in retail it can get quite frustrating sometimes from being on your feet all day to dealing with shitty customers where all you want to do is punch them in the face. Going back to the topic of money, it’s pathetic to know quite a number of people around my age are still jobless and bloodsucking parasites, feeding off their parents so they can buy expensive items, and bust “their money” or all onto one expensive item that they don’t even know the hard earned money put into that one item, and all they do after is complain how poor they are after or how broke they are. If you’re fucking broke, it’s not your god damn parent’s fault, it’s your fault for buying all that shit with your parents’ money, so stop whining you’re broke and get a god damn fucking job. Earn your own fucking money. The audacity of some people surprises me to the core and make me want to rip them out of their own skin and hang them on a clothes line with pegs to dry.

I’ll be fair here – I understand if someone is looking for a job or don’t have time to look for a job because uni takes too much of their time (as in they’re at uni 9-5 almost everyday) or they’re too busy with other activities they have to participate in that take up most of their days etc. etc., but if you’re legit sitting around from day to day, going shopping and spending all your money your parents give you on clothes and accessories that you don’t need and can easily buy with your own money when you have a job, then I criticise you.

Don’t even begin with the argument of “It’s too hard to look for a job” because that is the most stupid argument I have ever come across. The only reason it’s “too hard” for you to look for a job is because you are simply not trying hard enough. Sure you’ve printed off copies of your resumé and handed it into stores that you’re interested in, but are you handing into every store you see? Honestly, go crazy with handing out your resumé because then there will be a more likely chance, whether it’d be one or two stores calling you up for an interview. Even hand your resumé chains at fast food stores – don’t be picky – especially if it’s your first job because at least it’s a stepping stone to where you want to be and hey – you get money too! So who cares about the late night finishes or a job with a lot of labour because you’ll get to where you want to be and work your way up. People don’t just magically be at the top of the company unless they are the son/daughter of their father’s famous and successful company, which you are not, so shut up and sit down.

I assure you, I don’t judge people based on what they purchase, honestly, your money, your buy, I couldn’t care less, but it’s how they got the money to purchase the item/s. If you have earned that money yourself I will happily withhold my judgement, and good for you. Unfortunately, in today’s society, there are too many reliant and dependent fools who continue to splurge their parents’ hard earned money on materialistic things they don’t even need especially when everyone’s trying to save their money.

Another thing that crawls under my skin is the people who feed off Centrelink, like a bloodsucking leech and refusing to let go, where the Centrelink money is suppose to go to your parents to help them with their financial needs or on your education. Instead, people use it to buy unneeded necessities such as, alcohol. You are so not worth the value of your items if it’s not your own earned money, you’re worthless and I have no respect for you.

This is probably a tip of the iceberg on why I loathe the majority of the world. I understand with the money that I get taxed with after working a long odious shift, is all going to a worthless lazy scumbag who spends their Centrelink money on items that are not worth them or anything. What also bugs me is the way people lie to their parents when they need money. They’ll tell their parents they need money for their educational books, but instead, they’ll go spend it on party dresses or at clubs! All that money, all gone to waste.

However, with that said, I think it’s okay for people who have casual work to live off their parents. With my rant, I don’t mean you have to pay your own bills, buy your own foods, and that is because you don’t have a stable income, and if it is, it probably isn’t enough as every week you’ll be eating scraps off the floor. It’s okay to let your parents pay off expensive surgeries or your car service bill, but at least take a step, take a leap and start being more independent. That way, you won’t be living off your parents when you’re at the age of 30.

I know I’m not as persevering as other people, apart from the Mother/Father’s Day dinner shout, I don’t give any of my independent pocket money to my parents, and I don’t take any money off them – at least I try not to. However, if let’s say my mum pays for an expensive item, say a MacBook, I will pay her back until I am in debt no more, no matter how long it takes, because that item is something I want, not something I need.

Bottom line, if you earn your own money, you have the right to keep it, you have the right to spend it however you want on whatever the hell you want, but if it’s your parents’ hard earned money, go fuck yourself. Think again – your parents have sacrificed so much for you and how do you repay them? By spending their own money? Oh okay.


My Tutor Is A Morbid Bitch

Really she is.

When I first met her at the beginning of the semester I found her alright. I thought she was going to be one of those nice tutors who give marks easily, which she said so herself in the first tute, “I give marks very easily, I’m happy to give HDs!”

Next thing you know, she fails you for the first part of your component for your assignment.

I go to her lectures and she points out the negatives in every fucking case scenario.

“This many people died.” BLAH BLAH BLAH

Look, lady, I didn’t come to your lectures to hear you talk about the negatives, I came to learn and pointing out unnecessary stuff like that won’t teach me anything. But whatever, it’s not like I go to her lectures anymore… only just when I need to.

So two weeks ago we were doing presentations (still are), and we got up to this group where she kept on interrupting them every slide. The group of three were doing their presentation, speaking and explaining to the class about the topic they were given, until the tutor interrupted them saying stuff like,

“Your data isn’t right.”

“Your referencing is wrong.”

“Your information isn’t correct.”

“What you’re saying is completely wrong.”

“Your font size isn’t big enough!”

Yes, I’m serious, this bitch is pedantic about font size, if she can’t read it, it’s too small for her, I mean you could have font size 16, which everyone else can see perfectly fine on a powerpoint slide, but for her, it must be font size 24 or you’ll suffer the wrath of my bitchy tutor!

Woman, you don’t interrupt anyone while they’re doing a powerpoint, teaching or at least speaking! You’re so fucking rude and you complain that students are rude to you, oh yeah I wonder why!

I’m so glad that student that presented stood up herself when the tutor interrupted her, but I felt so sorry for her when she ended up crying at the end of the tute because of my tutor, and because of all that hectic drama, that student ended up moving to another class the next week!

Also today in my other class that my bitchy tutor takes, tells my group and I that we are not going to get a HD after we tell her we’re aiming for a HD for that class. Oh yeah, and she says that one of the guys in our group can’t be doing 80% of the work while everyone else does 30%, and this wasn’t even in a nice tone, this condescending bitch blames us that we’ve been making that guy do all the work. I mean helloo, we haven’t even done any work together, why the fuck are you even saying this?! Also, why the fuck do you think we’re making this one guy to 80% of the work? Is that how you really think of us? What kind of students do you think we are? What kind of person are you for assuming such thing?

The day I will have my last class with her is the day I cannot wait for as I will be free from her rein of terror and bitchy-ness.

I hate her.