Ray’s 20th

On Saturday I went to Ray’s 20th which started at 2. Weird time to start a party I know but anyway I arrived at 2 being my punctual self and just as I expected I was early! Therefore I helped set up by washing lettuce and grating cheese.

The party was pretty chill overall actually, relaxing and fun! I met new people and saw familiar faces again and everyone there was lovely. Ray’s mum was so cute too when she brewed us tea lol. We pretty much chatted, played Timber by Pitbull and Ke$ha since Ray loathed that song with a burning passion and got K, K and J into a monkey suit which was hilarious because K greeted people by lying on the floor in a ‘sexy’ position when guests opened the front door.

We also watched some of the guys play basket ball and had ice cream cake towards the end of the night when R’s girlfriend snuck down to Woolies and bought cake. So good omg haha!

Anyway I got tired and after that I went home. Was gonna go to White Night but then I guess I was too tired to go and cause I was told not to since it was way over crowded. Apparently 500 000 went lul, strong crowd. Also, short post because I honestly can’t be bothered typing out that much.

Oh yeah, also got myself a new mini iPad. Yay.


Dinner with my does

Saturday night I went out for an afternoon snack, dinner and dessert. I met up with G in the afternoon where we just sat in a cafe ate and talked about whatever until we decided we’d walk off the cake and macarons. Here’s a picture of the macarons by the way ft. G’s New York Cheesecake. They were pretty nice.


We decided to walk to a park close to GW and hop onto the swings. I swear we were going to get sunburnt while we were there.

About 5:30 we walked back to GL and sat at the numbers in Village. We were talking for a while until one of our friends (DK) walked passed by. We chatted for a while until he had to go meet his friends, and not long after V turned up and we had dinner at Kimchi Hut. The food there was okay, each time I’ve been there, the experience was alright, nothing special, but I suppose they go there for their hot pot since a lot of customers were eating off the portable stove.

After dinner we walked to GWSC and then to the new car park since V has never been to the top. There were some really pretty views from some of the sides, so it’s pretty nice there.

Not long after we went for some dessert and split the banana split with fudge and oh my god, that plate is a plate of delight it’s soooo good! I swear the three of us nommed it down in like10-15 mins lol.


Unfudged banana split


Fudged banana split

After that we spent the night talking until we had to go home. Also, here’s a photo of me at the park!


Christmas 2013

This year for Christmas was a quiet one. All day I spent watching Friends and playing games, and then at the end of the day I had a Christmas dinner with my family, the usual traditional turkey and then we opened our presents.

For Christmas this year, I got the VS Curl Secret Curling Iron from my parents.

I’ve already played with it and it’s so freakin’ cool. I’ve already curled my hair like twice hahaha. It’s got a timer and everything and it it automatically curls your hair, and it is a lot quicker and easier to curl your hair with. It was a little weird when you use it at first cause you have no control over the curling bit since the machine sucks up your hair, haha.

From my sister I received a maxi dress, which is pretty awesome since I’ve suddenly had this liking for maxi skirts/dresses. I tried it on, it’s a little long, which is expected since I am pretty short, lol, but I guess the dress was pretty nice.

From my brother I received a skirt from Forever New. It’s a really pretty white embroidery skirt, and it just fits, but if I go up a size then I think it’ll be too big. Anyway it’s a really pretty white skirt.

Hope everyone’s Christmas was fun, and safe, spent with family, friends and loved ones. See you next year, Christmas! 🙂

Cloudy With a Chance of Beach

Today I went to watch a movie with JT, and as suggested by the title of this post, it was Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. The movie was actually pretty good for a kid’s movie, but then again  I wasn’t actually expecting a lot from the movie to begin with and there were lots of pun jokes on the food to laugh and sit through.

Before the movie though, we went to the Glen North Pole and took photos with Santa. JT didn’t want any so I went in myself and got the photos taken. I told him my name was Kit, and he was like, “You can call me San” LOL. Anyway, got some selfies with him as well. When the photos were done, we looked at the photos we took and I really liked all of them, cause they were pretty good, haha. I didn’t buy any of the photos cause they were too expensive and I’m a stingey asian, so I just got my phone out and took pictures of the computer screen that had the photos of me in it LOL.


When the movie finished we played those racing car games and I was totally winning at the beginning but then my car crashed and it all went down hill from there LOL.

Afterwards, we spontaneously went to the beach. We planned to go to Brighton but we ended up Half Moon Bay, which is close enough I guess. Anyway, I haven’t exactly been to Half Moon Bay before so I settled with it, and Half Moon Bay is like the most picturesque beach so I took like tonnes of photos of the beach lol.





See, such a beautiful beach. Absolutely picturesque. Love it. But also, when JT and I were walking along the beach, we saw like a black bra and white undies lying on the beach, which was like LOOOL, cause we thought someone had sex on the beach and forgot their undergarments haha. But then I guess if you can’t find it in the dark then you can’t… LOL.


Beach Day


Yesterday I met up with K and J at the bus stop to head down to Chelsea Beach and spend the day there. We met at about 12 and got to Chelsea station at about 1. We bought some Sushi at one of the strip shops there and walked down to the beach and eat it there. I ordered teriyaki and crispy chicken but I was a bit disappointed when they didn’t have salt and pepper calamari. That stuff is goooood.

It was pretty relaxing when we set ourselves down onto our “beach” towels, and when we went into the water, it was freezing. Didn’t expect it to that cold and yet I was the one two pretty much begged J and K to go into the water with me LOL, and as soon as my feet touched the water I would squeal because it was too cold haha. I managed to get into the freezing cold water nonetheless, and this happened every time I went into the water haha.

The water was like pretty gross. Apparently according to JT when we bumped into her on the beach, the water was supposed to be a lot more clearer and less murkier. See, the waves didn’t look that great!


Anyway, pretty good day at the beach and definitely wasn’t ready to leave when we left at at about 6. On the way back home we got some ice cream which was such a good idea since it was sooooo hot!

Need to go to the beach again. Lol.

Christmas Drinks/Kris Kringle

Last night I went to this work function for a Christmas drink up where we exchange Kris Kringle gifts with each other. It was a simple, straightforward Kris Kringle gift where the boys buy a gift for a boy and girls buy a gift for a girl both with the budget of $10.

I was running a little late, but I eventually got there and mingled with everyone and ate the food that everyone provided. There was sushi  there so I remember I had quite a bit of sushi and prawns too. There was strawberries and dip, so good, haha and there was beer, champagne and cider to wash it down with. One of the managers offered me some champagne and I declined knowing that champagne will go straight to my head which I didn’t find exactly a good idea since it the function didn’t have that kind of vibe. I don’t like the smell/taste of beer so I settled with cider. The cider tasted like apple juice so it was actually really nice even though I’ve never heard of the name before lol.

Anyway, it got around to this present giving time, so one of the workers dressed up as Santa, which was hilarious. Anyway, he sat down on a chair and gave out presents to everyone – now these wasn’t the Kris Kringle gifts but gifts from our store owners/the big bosses, and we all received a present from them. And just letting you know, there are about 40-ish people at the store so these bosses are like super duper nice and generous and everything. Anyway, when we received our presents we all sat on “Santa’s” lap and took a photo with him lol. The worker actually played a really good role as Santa because when I went up there to sit on his lap and receive my present he asked me, “Have you been a good girl this year? Done all your homework?” Lol it’s funny watching a full grown man sitting on another grown man, and also the worker who dressed up as Santa works with his wife so when his wife got called they kissed each other and that just brought be back to the scene in Friends when Ben asks “Why is Monica kissing Santa?” who Chandler dressed up as.

I received a Calvin Klein perfume gift box from the bosses, and I really can’t thank them enough. I first off didn’t expect to receive any gifts from them so I felt very spoilt when I opened up my present and saw a CK one shock for her gift box in my hands. So here’s the packaging of the gift box.


And here is the perfume bottle and the body cream.


The perfume actually smells quite nice. It’s a sweet smell with a little bit of fruity, but mostly sweet I think. It’s a good mix for the so-called summer we’ve been experiencing in Melbourne. Argh, can’t wait to wear it out haha.

After the present giving was done we then all got to pick out a gift from the Kris Kringle box. I dived in and found myself a L’Occitane present. I didn’t expect much of it, but I did know that L’Occitane isn’t a cheap brand and their stuff is really good, and the people that I told what I got for KK told me the hand cream alone is at least $11.95 and we were only suppose to spend $10 on the KK gifts. In the bag I received a hand cream as previously mentioned before and this other cream called a Divine cream. Not exactly too sure what it is but I think it’s a moisturiser. Here’s a picture:


Then in was home time. I remember one of the bosses coming up to me and asking me how many drinks I’ve had. I said I only had one, and he told me to go drink more. Looool, no idea how I feel about my boss encouraging me to drink up! And when it was packing up time, he goes up to me with a shot class of soy sauce and goes, “Hey Kit, wanna do some shots?” Haha!

I got really hungry afterwards, since I realised I barely ate anything and decided to go out to dinner with B from work since she said she was hungry and could give me a lift home. And the night ended there for me once we had our dinner. No pictures of the food though, lol soz.

One Week

I have about a week until I go back to uni. I have no idea why my uni starts so freakin’ late compared to all the other unis out there, and it’s really stupid that we start so late, because by the time I go back, Deakin are halfway through their trimester and when Monash finish their classes for the semester, I would still have two more weeks to go. Can’t my uni start around the same time as the others? Apparently not.

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted, considering it’s been about a month since I’ve last updated. My holidays have been rather relaxed and enjoyable, yet stressful, but only cause of work. Otherwise than that, I’d rather not have the holidays end because I do not want to go back to Semester 2 and study again. Bottom line, I hate uni and I hate studying. I like eating and doing nothing all day.

Tomorrow is my manager’s farewell party, and I really don’t want her to leave, because the new retail manager at work is sooooo fucking useless. I swear she does nothing all day but take customers down to the registers. Also, the eftpos machines breakdown for a bit, we tell her, she nods, walks off and comes back five minutes later and ask us if the machines are working again, we tell her no and she’s not back with anyone to help us and she just fucking walks off again like it’s our job to fix the machines every time they breakdown. But luckily, we have enough brains to call down to each section of the store and ask for help when we were really stuck. The new owners better get a new and better one who knows what to do.

Anyway, so with this farewell party, I hear it’s going to be massive! I’m sure the majority of the employees are going along with the new owners, and I think workers are going to bring plus ones. Actually, I have no idea if plus ones are allowed, LOL, I guess I’ll know by tomorrow.