Three Questions

What do I think about the Olympics?

I think that’s what everyone’s talking about right now. A customer and worker were both talking about it today at work, and to be honest, I haven’t really been following the Olympics since it’s started, and I’ve only watched parts of the opening ceremony from Youtube and the rowing, which Australia was coming second for the majority of the race but ended up fourth wtf?! Also, rowers have nice arms – really nice arms. Great arm porn to have on a large TV screen, just saying 🙂

The parts of the opening ceremony I watched from the opening ceremony was the Queen jumping out of a helicopter, the lighting of the Olympic torch and the Mr Bean part as I was told those were the highlights of the opening ceremony. I thought the way London lit the Olympic torch this year was quite unique and somewhat impressive compared to all the other previous hosts and the Mr Bean part was my personal favourite as I watched Mr Bean throughout my childhood.


What do I do in my free time?

My two month holiday has passed ridiculously quickly and it’s actually come to the point where I want uni to start again (can’t believe I just said that). Anyway in my free time I’ve gone out with my friends to eat, shop, watch movies and catch up, and I’ve also been working.

To be frank, I like where I work. I like the workers there as they’re really nice and easy to get a long with and I’ve surprisingly met some people who used to go to GWSC. I’ve also met a number of people who are studying Med, Bio Med, Science, or anything science related, and I feel completely left out as I’m the only one there studying Commerce.

Anyway, I don’t think I do much in my free time. I lead a really boring life and I’ve been a loner for the past two weeks as all my friends have started uni and have no time to chill.


But when Uni starts, I’m sure my life will consist of work and uni.

What guys do I like?

If you asked me this two weeks ago I would’ve had an actual answer. Now all I’ve got is some cute eye-candy at work on my Friday night shifts – which I just got back from :D. I love my Friday night shifts LOL 😉 but not when I miss out on events with friends! D;