The Double Date Thief

On Wednesday I met up with G and booked tickets to see The Book Thief. I’d heard positive things about this movie from another friend so I was actually expecting quite a lot from this movie, with the only knowledge that the movie was based off a book about a girl who steals books (as suggested by the title). Bottom line, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I stepped into the cinemas.

About 10/15 minutes into the movie, the projector actually screwed up and cut off, causing the big viewing screen to go black, but a couple minutes later an usher came into the cinema and told us there was something wrong with the projector and it’ll take a couple minutes to fix it, and that’s when I spotted little petite J with P. They ended up moving over next to where we were sitting, and they told us they’d literally arrived, just before the movie cut off.

J was kind enough to offer us staff discounted food from the Candy Bar, but before we could decide on what to eat, the movie was up and running again. When the movie was playing, I actually quite enjoyed how the movie kept on going and never slowed down. Event after event, I never thought one of the scenes were dull, and were in fact heart-warming or depressing. Towards the end of the movie I almost shed a tear, but I forced myself not to haha but it is sad and emotional but it is a pretty good movie. However, one character that annoyed me most was Rudy. I certainly did not like how he was so nosy and always clinging onto Leisel and just always there, omg. As quoted from Leisel, “he’s a pain in the neck”.

When the movie ended, G, J, P and I all decided to have dinner together, and thought we should dine at Straits of Malacca. G ended up ordering Fried Chicken Drumsticks, P order Chicken Rice, J order the Curry Laksa and I went with the Prawn Noodle Soup.


Say Hello to our food and a blurry faced J, lol

When everyone finished eating, J was still eating her dinner, and decided she would finish everyone’s left overs. She ended up eating P’s chicken, some of G’s fried chicken and drank the soup of my prawn noodles, while continuing to eat the curry laksa she ordered.


Weekend Getaway – Day 1

Day 1 of the Canberra trip was pretty chill since it was eight long hours of travelling, but I suppose it wasn’t too bad as both the transports had air conditioning since it was like 30-40 degrees that day in Melbourne.

I met up with S at about 10ish at Glen Waverley station where we collected our tickets and headed off to Southern Cross station. We chatted for most of the train ride to Southern Cross, and when we got there which was like 11:30 it was pretty hot so I had this feeling the v/line train would be cancelled. Anyway, we walked to this random platform at Southern Cross since we saw the v/line train there but it wasn’t ours since it wasn’t heading to where we were going and it was leaving at an earlier time than it said on our tickets.

We then walked to the v/line station, but we were told the trains were not working and instead we were getting a replacement bus service. We then walked all the way to where all the (replacement) busses were in Southern Cross and soon enough we found our bus to Albury. The bus ride was ages long, and we only had one or two bathroom breaks, can’t remember.

Anyway, soon enough we arrived at Albury station and our bus to Canberra was already waiting for us. We hopped onto the bus and sat in our seats for about three hours. We arrived at about 8:30 and when we got there, H was there and greeted us. He was pretty happy to us since he told us he had no friends in Canberra and had gotten pretty emotional over watching a video of people giving presents to the homeless. We started walking towards Karmel Lodge and met B along the way, where she took us the room S and I were staying at. We settled in then made our way to B’s room, where she’d made dinner for us.

After dinner we went over to B’s friend’s place, where they had this share. It’s like a giant apartment with 5 rooms, which was pretty cool. One of the residents had a cat living in place, which was awesome. As S mentioned before, in her guest post, the cat’s name is Mabel.


Mabel – grey ball of fluff/queen of the house

After playing with Mabel we then helped out B and B’s friends with massive puzzle (which I was horrible at) while they studied for their exam the next morning. After a while of epically failing at the puzzle, we then decided to order food from Dominos. H ordered an entire pizza for himself while S and I decided to split the garlic bread with some sprite.

Not long after we decided to go back to our room. H offered his spare room which sounded pretty good, but once we walked through ANU and he showed me around the massive university campus, we arrived at Ursula hall and I was regretting moving since his spare room had no air con and was sauna. The room H was currently residing in was a lot more cooler since he had a fan. We decided pull an all nighter for some reason ended up watching the One Direction movie and The Incredibles, while popping open a bottle of Rekorderlig.  Some time after, we decided to watch the sunrise from the top of a car park, and killed some time to 11, by sleeping where we’d meet B and S for lunch.


6AM sunrise


6AM – Telstra tower, and you can still see the moon!!

Can of berries

Hello Internet.

For a while, I once had a blog, and then I deleted it, and then I was happy momentarily but then sad. Since then, I’ve recovered. Thanks for asking.

We’re (I am a mysterious figure) visiting a friend in Canberra and this friend has another friend (always good to have) who has a cat. Thus I propose we get kitty a cat, in particular this cat. Called Mabel. Who is fat and lovely and terribly independent. How nice it is to be independent but then to come slinking back for personal affection. How nice it is to know that when you are travelling you know you have a home and a bed waiting for you. While this may be a favourite for many people, travelling for me sums up seeing what locals see and what tourists see and trying to resolve what I want to see. With my own eyes, perspective and filter. Would I rather see the stage with the made up people prancing around on sage, or the wooden frame holding up the stage, dusted with history. It’s hard to do and say without seeming pretentious.  But let’s for a moment forget arrogance and self promotion, and say that everyone’s opinions are equal and on first glance plausible. A tourist sees your house, would you want them to think of it as luxurious and a once in a life time photo opportunity? Or see it as another house on a street in a suburb in a city in a country on earth. How do you see your house? With its intricacies and in jokes? Or by the sturdiness of the material that skilled builders carefully constructed. As I travel, I come to wonder how I should see the every day constructs around me. With the same wide eyed wonder as tourists. Or the cheeky glimpse of a local. Or something a student rushes past late to a tutorial. I never quite know, and I’ve yet to resolve it in my head.

In the mean time, I am happy being the tourist, or at least the half embarrassed but not embarrassed tourist in the crowd taking a photo of a building seemingly ordinary to locals rushing by. That and embarrassingly trying to subtly take a photo of grass and the clean paved floor. 

Yours faithfully,

p.s: we’ll work on the cat. I promise you.

Dinner with my does

Saturday night I went out for an afternoon snack, dinner and dessert. I met up with G in the afternoon where we just sat in a cafe ate and talked about whatever until we decided we’d walk off the cake and macarons. Here’s a picture of the macarons by the way ft. G’s New York Cheesecake. They were pretty nice.


We decided to walk to a park close to GW and hop onto the swings. I swear we were going to get sunburnt while we were there.

About 5:30 we walked back to GL and sat at the numbers in Village. We were talking for a while until one of our friends (DK) walked passed by. We chatted for a while until he had to go meet his friends, and not long after V turned up and we had dinner at Kimchi Hut. The food there was okay, each time I’ve been there, the experience was alright, nothing special, but I suppose they go there for their hot pot since a lot of customers were eating off the portable stove.

After dinner we walked to GWSC and then to the new car park since V has never been to the top. There were some really pretty views from some of the sides, so it’s pretty nice there.

Not long after we went for some dessert and split the banana split with fudge and oh my god, that plate is a plate of delight it’s soooo good! I swear the three of us nommed it down in like10-15 mins lol.


Unfudged banana split


Fudged banana split

After that we spent the night talking until we had to go home. Also, here’s a photo of me at the park!


Kitchen Workshop

On Monday I went to Kitchen Workshop with G. I’ve already been there about two times already. The first time was on a weekday so the rate was cheaper, except I didn’t pay. The second time was on a weekend and the rate was a lot higher because they served seafood, but the seafood isn’t worth it.

I was quite hungry when we arrived at Kitchen Workshop since I hadn’t eaten anything beforehand, and when we got there was only a short line, and thank god we got there when we did because afterwards, there was a massive line.

I remember I had about two rounds before going to dessert. There were lots of foods, like salads, lamb, pork, chicken, and western and eastern foods too. There was even like Hokkien noodles, lol, so it’s worth because of the variety of foods they have there. I actually find this buffet is a lot more worth than the China Bar buffet to be honest since it’s a lot cheaper than China Bar, even though Kitchen Workshop may be average buffet. But who cares, it’s food.

Dessert is the best part of any meal. The chocolate mouse was delicious and same with the mango pudding. The cheesecakes were alright but the mud cake tasted slightly too dry for my liking.


2013 Outfits

Throughout the year I’ve obviously complied outfits that I’ve received compliments on when I’ve gone out. Usually I just take a selfie of my outfit and post it on Instagram but then I thought, why not put it on here where I can talk about my outfits more since I do have an interest in fashion no matter how big or small or good or bad my fashion is lol. Anyway there’s about four that I want to share.

So first outfit is:


I wore this at a causal outfit with my friends and it’s a one piece. I used to be so unsure of one piece clothing so when I ordered this online for only $15 I thought why not! It has a very light material so it’s excellent to wear on warm days/nights. The only problem is the top area because of my lacking chest but the one piece does have adjustable straps so that helps. It’s annoying when you need to go to the toilet though.

The second outfit I want to share is:


Here I went with a black and white theme. The top is from Urban Outfitters and the skirt which is an asymmetrical skirt is from the Lucy in the Sky store. I actually got a birthday voucher from that website and I decided to spend it on the skirt since I’ve never purchased anything from there before lol. Anyway I really like this outfit.

The third outfit is:


This whole outfit is from the online store, Misguided, except for the flower crown which is from Lovisa. The white cropped shirt was actually on sale so I got it for like $10 I think, and the skirt was like $45 LOOL. Anyway, really like the skirt and outfit, cause it’s pretty and reminds me of a kimono haha.


I wore this outfit to the movies and I got loads of compliments on my skirt from the people I went with. The skirt is from Runway Bandits, and it’s made of pleather. As soon as I saw this online, I had to buy it. Absolutely adorable.

Christmas 2013

This year for Christmas was a quiet one. All day I spent watching Friends and playing games, and then at the end of the day I had a Christmas dinner with my family, the usual traditional turkey and then we opened our presents.

For Christmas this year, I got the VS Curl Secret Curling Iron from my parents.

I’ve already played with it and it’s so freakin’ cool. I’ve already curled my hair like twice hahaha. It’s got a timer and everything and it it automatically curls your hair, and it is a lot quicker and easier to curl your hair with. It was a little weird when you use it at first cause you have no control over the curling bit since the machine sucks up your hair, haha.

From my sister I received a maxi dress, which is pretty awesome since I’ve suddenly had this liking for maxi skirts/dresses. I tried it on, it’s a little long, which is expected since I am pretty short, lol, but I guess the dress was pretty nice.

From my brother I received a skirt from Forever New. It’s a really pretty white embroidery skirt, and it just fits, but if I go up a size then I think it’ll be too big. Anyway it’s a really pretty white skirt.

Hope everyone’s Christmas was fun, and safe, spent with family, friends and loved ones. See you next year, Christmas! 🙂