Wicked: The Musical

Last night I went out and saw Wicked: The Musical. I went with my good friend, G, and we met up with her at Glenny station and had an early dinner chow down before hopping onto the train to head off to the city. We met up pretty early and therefore got there quite early (even though a bunch of trains were cancelled for some unknown reason), and early means, about two hours or so before the show was due to start. We bumped into A on the train and trained with her until she had to hop off at MC, then G and I ended up getting off at Southern Cross and decided to go down to Docklands and watch the Winter Fireworks, since it was a free viewing and a way of killing time.

When we got there it the sun was about a set and not a whole lot of people were there yet, so we got a good view – as in we were in the first line of viewing. I ended up taking a panorama since it was really pretty. The iPhone never does sceneries justice unfortunately.


It wasn’t until about 7PM when the fireworks started, so we were chilling at Docklands for about a good half an hour before the fireworks show started. It went for about 10 minutes so I took a crap load of photos, but here are some nice ones I got during the event.




After that we took a tram down to Collins Street to get to the Regent Theatre. I swear if I ever shop at Collins Street since it’s all the top designer brands on that street, I’ll actually feel so proud of myself lol. Anyway, when we arrived at Regent Theatre everyone was entering in already so it was perfect timing. I decided to buy a merch shirt since I want to make it a thing when I go to concerts/musicals etc. – like I have to buy a souvenir from there no matter what. I ended up purchasing the black shirt with the well-known Wicked photo on the front of promotional posters with the two main characters. Anyway we got seated and this was what the stage looked like.


The show soon started and safe to say I was amazed at the entire performance. I absolutely loved the musical. Seeing it live in comparison to watching it on YouTube or just listening to the soundtrack alone was just so different and so much better. Spending money on experiences than clothes that night was certainly the right choice, because by the end of the night I was giving them a standing ovation. So yes, safe to say I loved the musical. I kinda honestly didn’t want it to end either.



The City Life

On Sunday evening after work I made my way over to my cousin’s apartment to spend time/catch up with her. I took the train from Glen Waverley and the took the tram down to my cousin’s place but as soon as I got off the tram my cousin texted me to go to MC. Since I wasn’t there anymore I met her at Bilo instead which was much closer and made our way to MC and then back to her apartment.

We then changed into our bikini and made our way to the spa/sauna room/steam room. We first jumped into the spa and talked for a couple of hours since there were heaps of things to talk about. Then we decided to go into the sauna and steam room before going into the pool, but once that got too cold we ended up going back to my cousin’s apartment.


Pool and spa

After we showered and got changed we had dinner and watched the movie, George of the Jungle, before calling it a night.


The next morning we decided to go for brunch in Fitroy. Dodgy place but very indie looking place. We originally wanted to go to this burger place but they weren’t open until 5PM so instead we went to this place called Slowpoke. It’s this indie looking place with those “Frankie” magazines. Anyway here’s a picture to the entrance of the courtyard of Slowpoke.


Indie brunch place

The place pretty much only served sandwiches, which was delicious when my place came. I ordered a smashed egg with herbs (it was delicious) and my cousin ordered a chicken herbed sandwich. I tried a chicken piece of her and the chicken was pretty good.


Brunch food, Slowpoke

After brunch we walked around since I’d never been to Fitzroy before. We came to this shop which, specialised in paper. The place was pretty awesome even though it was pretty much just paper in the store. Here’s a picture of the place and there’s a selfie in here somewhere lol.


Zetta Florence

When we were finished at the paper store we made our way to Carlton Gardens which was so gorgeous, as shown below. Actually phone quality is never the same as real life quality.


Carlton Gardens

We got back to my cousin’s apartment since it was heating up and we didn’t want to walk around in the sun. So instead we stayed inside her apartment and watched the good bits from Frozen, and also planned where to go for a snack. I suggest Zumbo since both of us had never been there before, and since her sister’s boyfriend was over, we invited him to join us since he had never been there before either. Once Frozen finished, we got changed to go out and took a train to Zumbo. And lol at the asian girl in my pic heh, ruining my photo D<


We eventually chose our orders and while we were there I bumped into V which I hadn’t seen in a long time. Anyway the cakes we went with were, Chocolate, Chocoalte Orange and Strawberry (which is what I ordered). I loved the strawberry cake and it wasn’t too sweet either. The size of the cake were good for a snack size, however $8 per cake, isn’t worth it. It is a good place to go if you haven’t been there before.


After that we made our way back to the apartment and watched Running Man before heading off to dinner. We decided to go to this Italian place where they make their food from scratch. I forgot where it was exactly and what the place was called but it was really good. The spaghetti that I ordered was absolutely delicious. Would eat it again, then afterwards I took the train back home.

Cloudy With a Chance of Beach

Today I went to watch a movie with JT, and as suggested by the title of this post, it was Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. The movie was actually pretty good for a kid’s movie, but then again  I wasn’t actually expecting a lot from the movie to begin with and there were lots of pun jokes on the food to laugh and sit through.

Before the movie though, we went to the Glen North Pole and took photos with Santa. JT didn’t want any so I went in myself and got the photos taken. I told him my name was Kit, and he was like, “You can call me San” LOL. Anyway, got some selfies with him as well. When the photos were done, we looked at the photos we took and I really liked all of them, cause they were pretty good, haha. I didn’t buy any of the photos cause they were too expensive and I’m a stingey asian, so I just got my phone out and took pictures of the computer screen that had the photos of me in it LOL.


When the movie finished we played those racing car games and I was totally winning at the beginning but then my car crashed and it all went down hill from there LOL.

Afterwards, we spontaneously went to the beach. We planned to go to Brighton but we ended up Half Moon Bay, which is close enough I guess. Anyway, I haven’t exactly been to Half Moon Bay before so I settled with it, and Half Moon Bay is like the most picturesque beach so I took like tonnes of photos of the beach lol.





See, such a beautiful beach. Absolutely picturesque. Love it. But also, when JT and I were walking along the beach, we saw like a black bra and white undies lying on the beach, which was like LOOOL, cause we thought someone had sex on the beach and forgot their undergarments haha. But then I guess if you can’t find it in the dark then you can’t… LOL.


City Adventure

Yesterday I went to the city with Grace to celebrate her belated birthday. It was actually a week ago but we were both busy so we just decided postpone it. We met up at the station and had to switch trains to get to Melbourne Central. Once we were there we got our tickets for beanbag cinema even though it wasn’t until 6PM later that day. Aaaaand being the retard I am, I tried to give the guy Village Cinema vouchers instead of Hoyts HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

After we got our tickets we went off to lunch at Giraffe Cafe. Neither Grace or I knew the city very well but after pulling out our trusty GPS on our phones we managed to find the place. It’s a rather small place with a light blue exterior so it stands out among all the other stores. The food there is okay. I had the pasta and it was very salty, I had to drink a cup of water after lol. I love the interior of the little place though, it’s very unique and so cute haha.

20130922-152316.jpgAfter lunch we walked around the city and made our way to Crown. Even though I was dressed up – did my hair, makeup and wore a pretty dress with heels, apparently I still look underage. Probably look like 12 D; because the guy at the casino checking people’s IDs didn’t believe Grace and I were of age. I think he didn’t have a problem with Grace because we was grilling me and oh my god I was flipping the shits on the inside. When I gave him my ID, he asked me a question and of all the questions you can ask about someone’s identification, HE ASKED ME WHAT MY NAME WAS FUCKING HELL YOU CALL YOURSELF A SECURITY GUARD AT LEAST ASK ME MY ADDRESS OR DATE OF BIRTH OMFGG!

Moving on, we made our way to Galactic Space and played this pirate game, where I died in the early part of the second stage because I simply suck. After that we decided to make our way back around MC to get some snacks, go shopping etc. Before we knew it, it was six and it was time to watch the movie.

We saw the magician movie, Now You See Me, and it’s a good movie. I very much enjoyed it, even though it did have a tricky storyline to follow when you’re somewhat falling asleep from the comfy beanbags. Haha, those beanbags are massive, it’s very couplely because it’s two people for one beanbag. But yeah, go watch the movie if you haven’t already seen it.

20130922-152431.jpgAnyway gonna end this post with a picture of myself because. It was taken somewhere near crown LOL probably looked like a tourist to bystanders heh.



Today was really kind of unexpected actually, a lot of it was really spontaneous, which is good in most ways – just not all the time, I reckon.

Anyway, so I went to uni for a lecture today that when from 9:30 to 10:30, then I met my baby (boyfriend) at MC at about 11:15ish, since he had to attend a class beforehand due to attendance marks or something along the lines of that. The meet up was pretty spontaneous as I’d only asked him to meet up with me this morning. So when we met, we got him some food since he was starving, and I’d already eaten before since I got pretty hungry.

When he finished eating, we decided to go back to his uni in Parkville. They were throwing a sausage sizzle, so I helped myself out – actually Baby got one for me since he was on the committee and helping out and selling tickets to some uni event later this week. While he was hard at work (probably not, since he came over and spoke to me a lot), his two friends came over and talked to me, and kept me company. They told me many dramatic stories over the weekend when they had camp.

After that, Baby had a lecture so I decided to tag along and sit through – very boring in my opinion, so lucky for me I’m not doing that unit or course lol. After that, Baby had to go study for his prac tomorrow so while he studied, I tried to entertain myself and keep myself busy to not distract them. For the most part, I ended up playing on my phone, and lying down, resting my head on Baby’s lap.

A couple of hours later, we got pretty hungry so we made some migoreng LOL, actually Baby made it for me since I stood there in the kitchen and did nothing but watch him haha, then after that, he decided to take it one step further and feed me my drink and food as a joke, haha!

Then we went to this event that Baby’s uni organised and I’m pretty sure students from other universities were not allowed to come in, but they didn’t ask me for student ID or anything at the door so I was pretty lucky! It’s called Parma Night. Baby had to go as he was preforming on the guitar with his group of friends. They preformed Metro’s Dumb Ways to Die, and I think about four of them dressed up in onesies!

Yeah, so we ordered our Parma’s at like 7ish and we got our drinks straight up and everything, but fucking hell, the parma’s took forever to make! We got about five (there was nine of us) at first, then we had to wait for the other four, WHICH NEVER CAME! OMG! It was like 8:00 when Baby’s group had preformed and a quite a number of different groups!

According the people making the parma said there was a stuff up among the orders. I don’t know what they’re called but we were given this electronic ticket that flashes/beeps/vibrates when the food was ready, and apparently the machines at the back didn’t work properly so that’s why we only got half our order first or something along the lines of that.

The four of us who hadn’t gotten our parma yet were getting quite hungry and I got pretty tired waiting around for my food since apparently our orders had gotten mixed up or something like that! So I decided to just go home and Baby was kind enough to accompany me home! 🙂

So that was my day! I’m so knackered from it all, haha. Can’t wait for mid-semester break, woo! Two more days and I’m on break, yay!

Ed Sheeran

I went to a fucking Ed Sheeran concert!

Excuse my profanity, but it feels sooo good to be able to say that, haha.

Anyway, last night, I went to an Ed Sheeran concert, which was held at Festival Hall. I went with Ashwati, who I met up with at Glenny station. We met at about 3:30 and took the 3:44 train to Southern Cross, then walked to the venue from there. We got there at around 5, I think, then waited in line to line up to go to the toilet and buy water. While we were waiting, we both bought merch shirts. They come in different colours with different designs, but I decided to get the black one since you can never really go wrong with a black shirt, haha.


And on the back of the shirt, it has all the 2013 Tour Dates, and everything, so it’s a pretty cool shirt I reckon, or maybe I’m just saying that because it’s Ed Sheeran, haha. Anyway after we bought our merch shirts, we played the waiting game for about an hour and a half until 6:30, which was when the doors opened. We waited inside the venue until 7:30 which was the show was schedule to start.

At 7:30, Ed Sheeran’s first opening act came onto stage. I don’t know the artist’s name, Kat maybe? I have no idea, lol, but to be frank, I don’t think she was very good. She sounded very average live, but the crowd was nice enough to cheer for her every now and then. She went off at about 8, then at 8:15 Passenger came onto the stage – Ed Sheeran’s second opening act. Passenger was a lot better then the first opening act. He was pretty decent live and he was funny. I can’t work out if I like him cause he was funny or cause he decent, maybe it’s both, but I do suggest for you to check out Passenger’s songs. He sang a few songs here and there and got off at about 8:45.

While the two opening acts were preforming, the amount of pushing and shoving in mosh was insane. There was this bitch like a person away from me who kept on pushing everyone just so she could get closer to the front, who I just wanted to punch in the face. When she was pushing I swear I could feel everything from the girl behind me on my back – boobs, stomach, legs! Not to mention, I was already being squished from the sides and front! An all around sandwich, haha. But after a while it calmed down and I had room to breathe a little.

So 9 o’clock came Ed Sheeran finally came on.


He opened up with Give Me Love, which was so freaking amazing live (actually all the songs he sang were brilliant live), but to be honest, I think he should’ve closed with Give Me Love as that would’ve been the best to end on. But either way, Give Me Love was a good way to get the crowd pumping into the song.

He preformed a few slow songs where he wanted everyone to be quiet, and explained how being quiet during a song works, which is a three step process. The first was the universal “shhh”, the second was to stroke the noisy person on the shoulder, and not any lower than the shoulder, then when you get their attention you make eye contact with them then shake your head, and the third was the universal “shhh” again. When he explained it, everyone went quiet and there was this girl who shouted out “I love you Ed” and Ed snapped back and said “that girl needs to be stroked!” then made a guilty facial expression cause he knew it sounded a bit funny just like the rest of the audience, haha.

When he preformed the first two quiet songs, everyone was pretty good at keeping quiet. I’m really glad he asked for the audience to be quiet because I managed to video a few of the quiet songs with just him and his guitar, so it was really good to hear just his voice and no fans singing along or anything. However, the last song that he wanted everyone to be quiet in, the crowd was like full on screaming, and he’s like “Shhhh, I could just not play it if you like” which got everyone to shut up lol, and you could tell he looked really pissed off on the big screen.

Then I think at about 10:30, Ed Sheeran was like, “guys this is the last song”, then he sang it and walked off stage. Then we were all like “bullshit, as if”, and we decided to do a drum roll with our feet and scream out, “WE WANT ED!”, then he came back out onto the stage with an Australian flag and wrapped it around the mic stand, then did his encore which was about 6 songs, I think!

During the encore, he brought out both of the opening acts. He first brought out the female opening act, and they did a duet of Kiss Mewhich was alright. I might be bias here but I think the whole song would’ve sounded better if he sang it himself, but I mean she did sound alright, but I would’ve preferred it if Ed sang it himself. Also, I would totally share with you guys the song cause I videoed it on my phone and everything but I don’t know how to upload here cause I’m noob like that LOL.

Anyway after that, she went off stage and Ed did a cover of No Diggity before he brought out his second opening act. Those two did a duet but I don’t know the name of the song. All I know was that they sang it pretty well. The No Diggity song, went a little like this, except with Ed singing the song himself and no mash up.

Then I think Ed sang a few more songs and ended his concert with The A Team. Also throughout the whole concert, Ed Sheeran had his guitar connected to this big screen behind him and whenever he strummed his guitar, an effect on the big screen behind him would make some kind of cool effect.

So we started making our way out of the concert hall, and on our way out we passed first aid, and there were like a little more than a handful of girls in first aid. One girl was sitting down trying to catch her breath, the other had a bandage around her knee and another was pretty much lying on a mat like she was dead while the first aid people fanned her. Also, the amount of people that got pulled out at mosh was too many to count! So many people were being squished, it was crazy!

When we got out and made our way to Southern Cross station, we passed by Coles to buy a bottle of water and as soon as I opened the bottle, I downed it like there was no tomorrow. That was because we weren’t allowed to bring in any water bottles into the concert, but during the concert, the security guards sprayed water on us and gave us bottles of water to share around and drink. Who knows, maybe I have aids from sharing water, lol, I was desperate and thirsty!

Anyway, didn’t get back until 12:30 and probably didn’t even sleep until 1:30 as I was still in a musical wonderland when I got home. Oh yeah, and I started at 8:30 today so now I feel so dead, plus I had to work after uni too. How am I even still alive?! LOL

I daresay it was a pretty damn freakin awesome concert! And now I will leave you with some pictures from the night!


During “Give Me Love”



"My eyes are red"

“My eyes are red”


Silhouette shot of Ed Sheeran