X-Men: Days of Future Past Movie Review

When I first went and saw this movie, I didn’t let myself have any good expectations of the movie since X3 was a shocking movie, and First Class wasn’t actually too bad to watch. Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that this movie fixed up the entire X-Men series and therefore, has improved in time with every movie that’s made for this series.

At the beginning, the movie introduces Kitty Pryde with another set of powers that we haven’t seen in previous X-Men movies. I believe she can still walk through walls but now she can send people’s consciousness back into the past or something like that (correct me if I’m wrong but it’s been several weeks since I’ve watched it). The movie doesn’t really explain how she acquired the time travel powers as the movie mainly focuses on Wolverine since he is the one who is sent back to the past.

Quicksilver was quite a fun character to watch and have fun with his powers, as surely the best scene he had with his powers in the movie was when he was moving all the bullets and everything when he, Wolverine and Charles was breaking Magneto out of prison. It’s a shame though he was only kept in the beginning part of the movie as he definitely could have helped out with the X-Men later in the movie.

Anyway, I don’t really want to give too much away on what happens but the movie left me slightly confused with some unanswered questions, yet excited for X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016! Some questions I remember thinking was, What happened to Wolverine in the end? And Mystique? Why did she so willingly give him up to that guy? There were some other questions that I can’t remember now lol. But I guess questions will be asked since any movie that has time travel in it, never really makes any sense.

What I’m pretty much trying to say with this horrible movie review is, I’m looking forward to the next X-Men movie. Hopefully, this series only get’s better with each movie from now on.


Weekend Getaway – Day 2

Day two of the Canberra trip started off with Brodburger. We met up with B and S at Karmel Lodge at about 12PM beforehand, and because B’s friend was nice enough to lend his car to her for the summer while she was studying at ANU, she drove us to Brodburger. I totally forgot to take snazzy photo’s of the place to show you what it’s like on the inside, but it has a pretty laid-back environment. The place was also very busy when we arrived there, so I was expecting pretty good things from this place.

The menu reminded me of Grill’d quite a lot, not what was on the menu but the way it was designed (eg. font, spacing etc.). Anyway, I ended up ordering the chicken burger which was pretty tasty and chips for the side which were those string chips. It felt very American because when I received my order, my burger and fries were served in a red tray.


Chicken burger and fries

The meal turned out to be pretty filling, and it was very delicious. To be honest, I actually want to go back to Canberra for the burger! It was at an alright price, I think I paid under $20 but it was definitely more than $15, but I guess it was worth it because the burger was actually really filling, and while I was eating it, juices from the meat and sauce kept on falling it out since I wasn’t eating it quick enough.

After we finished our burgers, we went to a pastry/pie place which was about a five minute drive away. We decided to all chip in for a chocolate and banana pie ($8 each), which turned out to be really nice and very sweet when S and I tried it later that night.

B drove us back to the lodge where we ended up playing Fifa for a couple hours. We played a few rounds where I was teamed up with B and then teamed up with H. Apparently, I had awesome dribbling skills. After a few rounds we were pretty tired and resided to watching the Australian Open. Not long after, H and I decided to play some pool.


H letting out his inner pool demon

As much as I hate to admit, the round of pool was very short since I completely suck at playing pool, but I admit I have come pretty far when I first started playing pool. Anyway, we came back to the room, watched the AO a little more before deciding to head to dinner at 6:30.

B drove us to this place in a suburb called Civic, where we dined at his American BBQ place called Smoque. The place was designed pretty awesome, so I was pretty amazed. When we asked for a table for 5 the lady told us we had to be out by 8 since the table was already booked. With this impression, I was expecting some quality food. We decided to order a big platter that would feed all of us with fries and mac and cheese as the sides, and it did fill us up pretty nicely, or at least it did for me because I was actually really full afterwards.


“If you can’t stay, take me away”


Antler wall


Smoque – Hi 5 Platter


Bib buddies

Once dinner was sorted we decided to buy a slab of ciders for tonight and walked down to the supermarket. We settled with an apple flavoured Sombersby which I think was the same cider I had at my work Christmas party 2.0.

B then drove to Parliament House which was absolutely gorgeous at night.


Holding up the flag on top of Parliament House


Parliament House from afar

We then climbed to the top of Parliament House on the hill at the side. The grass was so nice and green and the view of Canberra was so pretty as well. The photo below doesn’t do the view any justice since the photos turned out really grainy on my phone, but oh man, the view was so pretty, and it was even prettier because there was lighting being struck through the clouds, and I totally tried to catch the lightning but damn, the strike was way too fast for my super slow reaction šŸ˜¦


Canberra night lights

B then decided to drive us down to Old Parliament House and to be honest, it is certainly not as pretty as Parliament House at night. After that, B drove us back to the lodge. B left us in our room while she went to the share with her friends, and when she left, we thought building a fort. In the end we were successful.


Fort ft. S

Soon after we decided on opening a cider each between the three of us and watch Pitch Perfect on S’s laptop. We played a drinking game to have some more fun, and the rules were: 1) When someone sings, take a sip / 2) When a group sings take a longer sip. In the end we each ended up going through two cans of cider.

H is the most hilarious when he’s tipsy. We went through two cans of cider (that lightweight!) and started feeling my bag and says, “Your bag feels so nice”, then touches my hair and goes, “You have really nice, soft hair” then says, “I miss my girlfriend, I miss cuddling her”, and then S goes and asks H, “What do you think of cells, are they alive or dead?” Then they had this whole discussion where they disagreed on cells being alive or not. S thought they were alive since she said inside of cells are more cells.

After that we watched the rest of Pitch Perfect and decided to call it a night.

The Double Date Thief

On Wednesday I met up with G and booked tickets to see The Book Thief. I’d heard positive things about this movie from another friend so I was actually expecting quite a lot from this movie, with the only knowledge that the movie was based off a book about a girl who steals books (as suggested by the title). Bottom line, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I stepped into the cinemas.

About 10/15 minutes into the movie, the projector actually screwed up and cut off, causing the big viewing screen to go black, but a couple minutes later an usher came into the cinema and told us there was something wrong with the projector and it’ll take a couple minutes to fix it, and that’s when I spotted little petite J with P. They ended up moving over next to where we were sitting, and they told us they’d literally arrived, just before the movie cut off.

J was kind enough to offer us staff discounted food from the Candy Bar, but before we could decide on what to eat, the movie was up and running again. When the movie was playing, I actually quite enjoyed how the movie kept on going and never slowed down. Event after event, I never thought one of the scenes were dull, and were in fact heart-warming or depressing. Towards the end of the movie I almost shed a tear, but I forced myself not to haha but it is sad and emotional but it is a pretty good movie. However, one character that annoyed me most was Rudy. I certainly did not like how he was so nosy and always clinging onto Leisel and just always there, omg. As quoted from Leisel, “he’s a pain in the neck”.

When the movie ended, G, J, P and I all decided to have dinner together, and thought we should dine at Straits of Malacca. G ended up ordering Fried Chicken Drumsticks, P order Chicken Rice, J order the Curry Laksa and I went with the Prawn Noodle Soup.


Say Hello to our food and a blurry faced J, lol

When everyone finished eating, J was still eating her dinner, and decided she would finish everyone’s left overs. She ended up eating P’s chicken, some of G’s fried chicken and drank the soup of my prawn noodles, while continuing to eat the curry laksa she ordered.

Cloudy With a Chance of Beach

Today I went to watch a movie with JT, and as suggested by the title of this post, it was Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. The movie was actually pretty good for a kid’s movie, but then again Ā I wasn’t actually expecting a lot from the movie to begin with and there were lots of pun jokes on the food to laugh and sit through.

Before the movie though, we went to the Glen North Pole and took photos with Santa. JT didn’t want any so I went in myself and got the photos taken. I told him my name was Kit, and he was like, “You can call me San” LOL. Anyway, got some selfies with him as well. When the photos were done, we looked at the photos we took and I really liked all of them, cause they were pretty good, haha. I didn’t buy any of the photos cause they were too expensive and I’m a stingey asian, so I just got my phone out and took pictures of the computer screen that had the photos of me in it LOL.


When theĀ movie finished we played those racing car games and I was totally winning at the beginning but then my car crashed and it all went down hill from there LOL.

Afterwards, we spontaneously went to the beach. We planned to go to Brighton but we ended up Half Moon Bay, which is close enough I guess. Anyway, I haven’t exactly been to Half Moon Bay before so I settled with it, and Half Moon Bay is like the most picturesque beach so I took like tonnes of photos of the beach lol.





See, such a beautiful beach. Absolutely picturesque. Love it. But also, when JT and I were walking along the beach, we saw like a black bra and white undies lying on the beach, which was like LOOOL, cause we thought someone had sex on the beach and forgot their undergarments haha. But then I guess if you can’t find it in the dark then you can’t… LOL.


Man of Steel Movie Review

In the past couple of days or so I’ve been going down to the cinemas to watch some movies I was unable to see last month due to the long and tedious exam period. It’s been pretty exciting seeing movies after a long wait, and now I’ll do my review of the movies. However, I’m thinking I’ll stick to one movie for a post since I have quite a number of things to say about each of them. To begin with, I’m going to go with Man of Steel. The new Superman movie, as you’ve all heard. Big blockbuster movie, and it’s all been hyped up.

The movie is produced by Christopher Nolan, and being a fan of quite a number of movies he has directed previously, such as, the Batman Trilogy, Inception and The Prestige, I was actually quite interested in watching this movie, plus, it’s a superhero movie so I’ve definitely got to go and see it.

The movie was fast paced in my opinion as a lot of events occurred within the two and half hours. However, there were lots of action scenes, which were very impressive but a lot of destruction so sometimes it got a little too confusing who were throwing the punches. Anyway, as I was saying, there were a few things I did not like that happened in the movie. The first one, is when reporter, Lois Lane discovers Clark’s alien identity, while she was snooping around in an abandoned spaceship from Krypton, that was lodged into an Arctic iceberg. That means, twenty minutes into the movie, Clark’s secret identity is already out.

Also, the first time Superman flew was a definite let down for me. I was expecting a lot more from that scene. A lot more should have been put into that scene was it’s quite an important power for Superman to have. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but it was missing that “epic” feeling when I saw it, and also cause it was hyped up in the trailers.

Then when that shenanigans is over and done with, super villain, General Zod decides to send an apocolyptic message to the world with an alien army and declares war to the world, which destroys the idea of Clark’s identity crisis to play out or any of the characters to properly develop, and the stakes have become high. I feel like I only know Lois Lane because of the TV Show, Smallville. Ha, only joking, the Lois Lane in Man of Steel is much older and very differently portrayed compared to Smallville.

Anyway, Lois Lane was portrayed by Amy Adams, who I did not find photogenic enough to reach the standards of Lois Lane, plus it kind of felt like at some points of the movie, Lois Lane was only using Superman for her journalism career. Also the chemistry between them was very rushed. She meets him, he saves her – like all the time, then he saves the world, and they kiss, and when she was looking for Superman, it felt like Superman gave up his identity to her too easily.

Also, while General Zod and Superman are fighting all over the city, as you’d expect, buildings come crashing down and everything and there was this one character that pissed me off. So when a building is falling, a normal human’s instinct would be to run for their lives away from the falling building that is about to crush you. This moronically challenged character, stands there and watches the fucking building fall onto her. It’s only thanks to her boss who saves her and tells her to run away from the building. You’d think an average human being would do that in the first place in that kind of situation. Then after, when they’ve ran and the building has fallen, she gets trapped in the wreckage and as any human being, of course, naturally s/he would be scared. But, I don’t know, the way she acted it really got under my skin and she was just screaming and begging that her boss wouldn’t leave her alone and OMG JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND WATCH SUPERMAN KICK SOME SEROUS BUTT! ASDHDFKLJGFK! Probably not exactly a nice thing to say but whatever, she’s annoying.

Speaking of General Zod, I thought the actor who played him, Michael Shannon should have dialled down on the whole “diabolical-desire-for-world-destruction”, which made him seem very typical American bad guy. It just felt like towards the end he was over-acting and he looked so artificial and all CGI-ized throughout the movie, which I didn’t like. His whole over-acting and typical American bad guy portray didn’t seem like he was the rebel leader of an extinct superior race.

Highlights of the movie were the flashbacks to when Superman was a kid and he was experiencing his powers for the first time. I found that quite enjoyable to sit through as I am a fan of flashbacks, and the ending. I’ve heard the ending in some of the previous Superman movies, Superman himself has died, but in Man of Steel he lives on, and there is definitely room for a sequel.

I give this movie a 3.5/5, and I wouldn’t mind watching it again, despite the flaws of the movie as I found the movie quite intense. I would suggest this movie for you to watch as it’s a must see blockbuster movie.

7 Inches Longer

Just casually reminding myself and telling everyone that my lecturer showed thisĀ advertisementĀ in one of our lectures last semester. The advert was banned from airing.

After we finished watching the advert, the lecturer pitched a question to us, “What did we learn from that?”

One guy out of 400 students in the room yelled out, “7 inches longer”.Ā Naturally, the whole lecture theatre erupted into laughter and the lecturer face palmed herself.

Lol what a good memory… and ad! Haha šŸ™‚

In other news, my phone died on me earlier this week. I’m currently phoneless and I feel so naked and sad without it, sigh. šŸ˜¦

Also I saw the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises… I want to see it again… The cast is so frikken hot. I love you Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway (actually I’ve loved you two before and that sounds kinda weird but I don’t care), and Christian Bale.