How To Trick Others into Believing You Take Taekwondo Class When You Actually Don’t

For about a good Semester I managed to trick my co-workers into believing I took Taekwondo for defence and fitness purposes, only because I was sick and tired of telling people how clumsy I am of bumping into objects and sporting bruises afterwards. Therefore, one day when my co-worker asked me where this giant bruise on my leg came from, I simply told him it was from when my friend kicked me during Taekwondo class.

Now this is where it got tricky and where I had to think on my feet as it was only then I had decided to go along with this false tale, as inevitably there were going to be follow up questions. Those were such as,

“Oh cool, what belt are you?”

To be honest, I was going to say white belt since it was the first level but I thought I’d better not say that since I knew nothing about belt colours except black belt is the impressive one. Instead, I told him that it was a class for self-defence and didn’t focus on belts since it was an extra curricular activity that I did for fun and fitness.

His next question was, “How long have you been doing Taekwondo?” I told him I’d started taking Taekwondo since the semester had started and it’ll end when the semester finished, since I had only paid for a semesters worth of class.

Over then next month or so, it then escalated to, “Show me a move you learned from Taekwondo” or “Fight me after our shift ends in the car park”. And my response to both of them were simple responses that were genuine. You see, I’m forced to wear a skirt to work so my excuse every time would be, “Firstly, you would lose against me and you’ll cry once, and secondly, I’m wearing a skirt.”

And that is how I tricked people into believing that I take Taekwondo class when I actually don’t.

I think I might just be that bored at work lol