Weekend Getaway – Day 1

Day 1 of the Canberra trip was pretty chill since it was eight long hours of travelling, but I suppose it wasn’t too bad as both the transports had air conditioning since it was like 30-40 degrees that day in Melbourne.

I met up with S at about 10ish at Glen Waverley station where we collected our tickets and headed off to Southern Cross station. We chatted for most of the train ride to Southern Cross, and when we got there which was like 11:30 it was pretty hot so I had this feeling the v/line train would be cancelled. Anyway, we walked to this random platform at Southern Cross since we saw the v/line train there but it wasn’t ours since it wasn’t heading to where we were going and it was leaving at an earlier time than it said on our tickets.

We then walked to the v/line station, but we were told the trains were not working and instead we were getting a replacement bus service. We then walked all the way to where all the (replacement) busses were in Southern Cross and soon enough we found our bus to Albury. The bus ride was ages long, and we only had one or two bathroom breaks, can’t remember.

Anyway, soon enough we arrived at Albury station and our bus to Canberra was already waiting for us. We hopped onto the bus and sat in our seats for about three hours. We arrived at about 8:30 and when we got there, H was there and greeted us. He was pretty happy to us since he told us he had no friends in Canberra and had gotten pretty emotional over watching a video of people giving presents to the homeless. We started walking towards Karmel Lodge and met B along the way, where she took us the room S and I were staying at. We settled in then made our way to B’s room, where she’d made dinner for us.

After dinner we went over to B’s friend’s place, where they had this share. It’s like a giant apartment with 5 rooms, which was pretty cool. One of the residents had a cat living in place, which was awesome. As S mentioned before, in her guest post, the cat’s name is Mabel.


Mabel – grey ball of fluff/queen of the house

After playing with Mabel we then helped out B and B’s friends with massive puzzle (which I was horrible at) while they studied for their exam the next morning. After a while of epically failing at the puzzle, we then decided to order food from Dominos. H ordered an entire pizza for himself while S and I decided to split the garlic bread with some sprite.

Not long after we decided to go back to our room. H offered his spare room which sounded pretty good, but once we walked through ANU and he showed me around the massive university campus, we arrived at Ursula hall and I was regretting moving since his spare room had no air con and was sauna. The room H was currently residing in was a lot more cooler since he had a fan. We decided pull an all nighter for some reason ended up watching the One Direction movie and The Incredibles, while popping open a bottle of Rekorderlig.  Some time after, we decided to watch the sunrise from the top of a car park, and killed some time to 11, by sleeping where we’d meet B and S for lunch.


6AM sunrise


6AM – Telstra tower, and you can still see the moon!!