Boring Exam Time

It’s been a while since I last blogged lol I really am getting slack with this. Anyway nothing exciting has really been happening in my life, it’s the usual I guess. Oh except the other week when X-Men: DOFP came out I wanted to do a review of the movie, but I guess I’ll do that another day. Anyhow, as it was saying, it’s exam time so I’m trying to study but epically failing and I’ve probably failed my first exam? Oh well it’s am elective anyway so not so fussed about that but I really hope I did as well as I think I did in my second exam since that’s a core subject for my course.

I’m halfway through my exams at the moment and don’t finish until the 18th. Kinda unsure how I’m gonna study for my last exam since it’s one of those weird exams that was pretty much about team work all through the semester.

Lately, during my free time during my study time, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTubers so I guess if this addiction keeps happening (which probably will), I’ll make a top ten favourites list or something and post it here.

Also, I’m doing Winter school this year so no break for me. This makes me cry. Oh well, I should get the subject over and done with anyway right? Haha


Strike Day

Dear Swinburne,

I get that today is a protest day for teachers but you do not barricade the entrances to the uni and shout at the students to stand with them because you are doing this for them, then tell them no classes are being held today.

First off, you aren’t doing anything for the students by barricading the entrances with rubbish bins. There are other ways students can get in after all, though you did block off the main entrance at the train station. It’s not “hurtful” that you blocked off the entrances 90% of students use but it’s rather annoying having to walk down the street, and around a corner to get into uni, or to even walk through a shopping centre and around the corner. It’s just more inconvenient and annoying really.

Secondly, standing there and shouting into a megaphone isn’t going to make students genuinely stand with you unless they are intimidated by the sound of your voice. Nor is it doing anything for the students because students have nothing to do with your want of pay rise or work benefits. Especially if you’re doing all that at a public car park. Your time is limited.

Thirdly, telling students that they have no class today is a stupid white lie and you know it. Only “some” classes were cancelled so telling students to go home or stand with you is complete utter bullshit because they paid for an education so stop wasting other people’s money just because you’re not happy with your job.

This isn’t even protesting! You aren’t even doing it right. If you really wanted to protest and do some real damage to the university to make a point about whatever you’re complaining about, you could cut off the technology in the university or not publish any academic works since the university makes money off that. There are so many other efficient ways you could strike but you choose to block off the entrance and shout into a megaphone.

I can’t believe I’m being taught by you guys before I head off into the real world.

“Tried of your shit” student.

One Week

I have about a week until I go back to uni. I have no idea why my uni starts so freakin’ late compared to all the other unis out there, and it’s really stupid that we start so late, because by the time I go back, Deakin are halfway through their trimester and when Monash finish their classes for the semester, I would still have two more weeks to go. Can’t my uni start around the same time as the others? Apparently not.

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted, considering it’s been about a month since I’ve last updated. My holidays have been rather relaxed and enjoyable, yet stressful, but only cause of work. Otherwise than that, I’d rather not have the holidays end because I do not want to go back to Semester 2 and study again. Bottom line, I hate uni and I hate studying. I like eating and doing nothing all day.

Tomorrow is my manager’s farewell party, and I really don’t want her to leave, because the new retail manager at work is sooooo fucking useless. I swear she does nothing all day but take customers down to the registers. Also, the eftpos machines breakdown for a bit, we tell her, she nods, walks off and comes back five minutes later and ask us if the machines are working again, we tell her no and she’s not back with anyone to help us and she just fucking walks off again like it’s our job to fix the machines every time they breakdown. But luckily, we have enough brains to call down to each section of the store and ask for help when we were really stuck. The new owners better get a new and better one who knows what to do.

Anyway, so with this farewell party, I hear it’s going to be massive! I’m sure the majority of the employees are going along with the new owners, and I think workers are going to bring plus ones. Actually, I have no idea if plus ones are allowed, LOL, I guess I’ll know by tomorrow.


Today was really kind of unexpected actually, a lot of it was really spontaneous, which is good in most ways – just not all the time, I reckon.

Anyway, so I went to uni for a lecture today that when from 9:30 to 10:30, then I met my baby (boyfriend) at MC at about 11:15ish, since he had to attend a class beforehand due to attendance marks or something along the lines of that. The meet up was pretty spontaneous as I’d only asked him to meet up with me this morning. So when we met, we got him some food since he was starving, and I’d already eaten before since I got pretty hungry.

When he finished eating, we decided to go back to his uni in Parkville. They were throwing a sausage sizzle, so I helped myself out – actually Baby got one for me since he was on the committee and helping out and selling tickets to some uni event later this week. While he was hard at work (probably not, since he came over and spoke to me a lot), his two friends came over and talked to me, and kept me company. They told me many dramatic stories over the weekend when they had camp.

After that, Baby had a lecture so I decided to tag along and sit through – very boring in my opinion, so lucky for me I’m not doing that unit or course lol. After that, Baby had to go study for his prac tomorrow so while he studied, I tried to entertain myself and keep myself busy to not distract them. For the most part, I ended up playing on my phone, and lying down, resting my head on Baby’s lap.

A couple of hours later, we got pretty hungry so we made some migoreng LOL, actually Baby made it for me since I stood there in the kitchen and did nothing but watch him haha, then after that, he decided to take it one step further and feed me my drink and food as a joke, haha!

Then we went to this event that Baby’s uni organised and I’m pretty sure students from other universities were not allowed to come in, but they didn’t ask me for student ID or anything at the door so I was pretty lucky! It’s called Parma Night. Baby had to go as he was preforming on the guitar with his group of friends. They preformed Metro’s Dumb Ways to Die, and I think about four of them dressed up in onesies!

Yeah, so we ordered our Parma’s at like 7ish and we got our drinks straight up and everything, but fucking hell, the parma’s took forever to make! We got about five (there was nine of us) at first, then we had to wait for the other four, WHICH NEVER CAME! OMG! It was like 8:00 when Baby’s group had preformed and a quite a number of different groups!

According the people making the parma said there was a stuff up among the orders. I don’t know what they’re called but we were given this electronic ticket that flashes/beeps/vibrates when the food was ready, and apparently the machines at the back didn’t work properly so that’s why we only got half our order first or something along the lines of that.

The four of us who hadn’t gotten our parma yet were getting quite hungry and I got pretty tired waiting around for my food since apparently our orders had gotten mixed up or something like that! So I decided to just go home and Baby was kind enough to accompany me home! 🙂

So that was my day! I’m so knackered from it all, haha. Can’t wait for mid-semester break, woo! Two more days and I’m on break, yay!

First Day Back

Today was the first day back to uni. I originally wasn’t going to go since on Mondays I only have two lectures right after another, and also because, I didn’t want to go back to uni lol, but it actually wasn’t too bad. I was able to sit through my classes today without the feeling of hate or just wanting to go home today. I quite enjoyed it.

My first lecture I had was pretty interesting. It’s about the culture in different countries, and my lecturer for that unit seems pretty funny. The next class was rather dull, and it went on for two hours, much to my dismay. I almost fell asleep and completely lost concentration a quarter way LOL, that’s so bad. My lecturer for this subject is a cross between straight and gay, I honestly can’t tell which team he plays for. It’s none of my business anyway but when he spoke in front of the lecture theatre it got me thinking lol.

After those two lectures I went to grab some food with my friends, where we dined with sushi, and after that I began to make my way back home. I remember when I was waiting at the bus stop, it felt like my legs were burning off under the 30 degree sun, which made me regret putting on jeans this morning. Haha, bad move. But the bus soon came, and my legs didn’t feel like they were on fire anymore, so it was all good in the end. Thank god that bus is frequent, lol.

So pretty boring day and update I guess, not much to talk about, and now I’m going to wait for tomorrow, day 2 and see how that goes! Hopefully it’ll go pretty smoothly. Only two tutes tomorrow!

In other news, TWO MORE SLEEPS AND I GET TO GO TO ED SHEERAN, WOOHOO! Can’t wait, haha!

New Layout!

Only because when I viewed my blog the layout started playing up and made my blog look really dodgy soooo here’s a new one, one that is all provided by WordPress! Anyway, holidays are coming to an end, uni is about to start and I still need to get books and stuff for uni, talk about unorganised! Promise I will get this all sorted before uni starts, WHICH I AM COMPLETELY DREADING IN CASE YOU HAVE NOT REALISED!

The only thing that’s exciting about Uni is the dates that I have booked, like going to an Ed Sheeran concert on 06/03. You know, that kinda stuff, but otherwise than that I’d rather stay home, have nothing to do than to travel to uni for 1.5 hours, almost 5 days a week to learn and have assignments to do when I get back home, argh!

Anyway I’m thinking of changing my URL (I’m sorry Vivien) to the same one as my Tumblr, since it’s easier! Also I haven’t been blogging much, but that’s only cause there’s not a lot I want to talk about or share with the cyber world. Some things I just like to keep private to myself, so there’s an explanation as to why I rarely update.

My Tutor Is A Morbid Bitch

Really she is.

When I first met her at the beginning of the semester I found her alright. I thought she was going to be one of those nice tutors who give marks easily, which she said so herself in the first tute, “I give marks very easily, I’m happy to give HDs!”

Next thing you know, she fails you for the first part of your component for your assignment.

I go to her lectures and she points out the negatives in every fucking case scenario.

“This many people died.” BLAH BLAH BLAH

Look, lady, I didn’t come to your lectures to hear you talk about the negatives, I came to learn and pointing out unnecessary stuff like that won’t teach me anything. But whatever, it’s not like I go to her lectures anymore… only just when I need to.

So two weeks ago we were doing presentations (still are), and we got up to this group where she kept on interrupting them every slide. The group of three were doing their presentation, speaking and explaining to the class about the topic they were given, until the tutor interrupted them saying stuff like,

“Your data isn’t right.”

“Your referencing is wrong.”

“Your information isn’t correct.”

“What you’re saying is completely wrong.”

“Your font size isn’t big enough!”

Yes, I’m serious, this bitch is pedantic about font size, if she can’t read it, it’s too small for her, I mean you could have font size 16, which everyone else can see perfectly fine on a powerpoint slide, but for her, it must be font size 24 or you’ll suffer the wrath of my bitchy tutor!

Woman, you don’t interrupt anyone while they’re doing a powerpoint, teaching or at least speaking! You’re so fucking rude and you complain that students are rude to you, oh yeah I wonder why!

I’m so glad that student that presented stood up herself when the tutor interrupted her, but I felt so sorry for her when she ended up crying at the end of the tute because of my tutor, and because of all that hectic drama, that student ended up moving to another class the next week!

Also today in my other class that my bitchy tutor takes, tells my group and I that we are not going to get a HD after we tell her we’re aiming for a HD for that class. Oh yeah, and she says that one of the guys in our group can’t be doing 80% of the work while everyone else does 30%, and this wasn’t even in a nice tone, this condescending bitch blames us that we’ve been making that guy do all the work. I mean helloo, we haven’t even done any work together, why the fuck are you even saying this?! Also, why the fuck do you think we’re making this one guy to 80% of the work? Is that how you really think of us? What kind of students do you think we are? What kind of person are you for assuming such thing?

The day I will have my last class with her is the day I cannot wait for as I will be free from her rein of terror and bitchy-ness.

I hate her.